What to do when someone is ignoring you (your calls and texts)?


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Eleanor jones Profile
Eleanor jones answered
I guess it is best to learn the message that they want nothing to do with you and move on.
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Quit calling or texting them anymnore as it is very obvious theyre trying to tell you that they are not all that much into anymore and although its a chickens way out, it does work eventually unless you come face to face with them. But there does come a point of enough is enough and knowing when that point is and letting go
Tony Newcastle Profile
Tony Newcastle answered
The best thing to do is to go round to their house, and pay them an unscheduled visit...
--Preferably at 8AM or at 11.30PM.
Arun Bera Profile
Arun Bera answered
Move on, move on, mve on, same my ex-gf done this and now I make more friends ever.... By the way nicole, take this greeting card for our friendship!
karen raad Profile
karen raad answered
Ignore him back...let that persone think that you don't cair if he texte you or talk to you and you cna move on with out him...so if this persone really cair about you he will talk to you after you ignore him

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