How To Make Someone Feel Guilty?


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How would you feel if someone were to purposely make you feel guilty - even if you deserved it?

Guilt is an emotion that can sometimes escalate into more serious emotions and states, including depression. You should not toy with a person's feelings like that  - it's childish, immature and just wrong. If you have an unresolved issue with somebody then talk to them about it.

Deliberately making somebody feel guilty is likely to lose you a lot of respect and friends. It's also likely that the plan to make someone feel guilty will backfire on you - people will begin to pity your target, and you won't look like a nice person at all.

If you're really set on the idea of making someone feel bad - even though it's a childish and pointless thing to do - here's one way of doing it:
Step 1 -  Gather the evidence of guilt. The facts are the best way to make somebody feel guilty. Perhaps they are selfish and need to be reminded. No matter what the issue is, you cannot make them feel guilty until you have gathered all the pertinent facts.

Step 2 - Remind them of what they did passive-aggressively. Using a nice tone, coyly and randomly bring up the subject of their guilt. Never use an aggressive tone, never implicate them - just keep implying guilt and let their subconscious do the rest of the work.

Step 3 - Bring up the subject often to invoke feeling and response Any time you get a chance to remind the person of their dubious deed, do so. The more they are reminded of what they have done, the more guilty that they will feel.

Step 4 - Be passive-aggressive in your dealings to ensure the feeling of guilt prevails. Anytime they bring up the subject, or try to deal with it and put it aside, casually acknowledge what they are talking about, that they did it, it was their fault and then immediately change the subject without giving them the opportunity to make amends.
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Be ever so nice to them and make statements regarding other friends who are true friends and how true friends don't hurt each other and stand beside each other through thick and thin.  Make a statement in casul conversation (even to someone else) that you would never hurt a friend or do to a friend the thing that your friend did to you . Be sarcastic in a sweet voice.
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Be really nice. So nice that it would be considered a sin and crime to do something bad to you.
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Ignore them for a long period of time or until they just can't take it any more. That's what I'm doing to my parents because they wouldn't let me go to Swiss Chalet™ with my bestest friend.
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Well I think this is what you should do:
You go into a clothes store, you make sure that they're looking at you, then pick up the thing you
want and go "oh hey look at ..." and stop in the middle of the sentence. Then they'll look over at
you more. Then look at the price tag and then sigh gently, put it back and walk away. Then
keep looking back at it - don't say anything to them but force a smile and say "C'mon let's go .. .oh unless you were looking at something", then look back at it again, sigh, and then they'll feel guilty and get it. If you think this is all gibberish, then try it!
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If the person you want to make feel guilty did something that they should really feel guilty about, one thing you can do is find a book or a movie about a situation like yours. Make sure that the story has a person you can relate to and another person that the 'guilty' person can relate to. Also make sure that the story depicts the 'guilty' person as really guilty (not necessarily in their eyes). It's also helpful if the guilty person in the story realizes their guilt at some point and apologizes or tries to make up for their deed. Make sure the person you want to feel guilty reads the book or watches the movie.  It also helps if the recommendation comes from a third party. You can ask a friend or a family member to recommend the book/movie to the 'guilty' person. Sometimes people don't see beyond their point of view for various reasons and a story may open their eyes. Good luck and be fair.
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The same situation happened to me! You have to just keep bringing up the situation and telling them they never see your side of the story and just obviously don't care enough about you to talk it over!..Works for me - good luck!
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Just ignore them for a long period of time or until they just crack and can't take it anymore...hope this helps ;)
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Why would you want to do that? They really must have done something pretty serious to you for you want to do that. Just keep putting it in their face I guess, although I think that is mean. Hope this helps.
Okay... I have a person who was my friend but he started ignoring me and stuff and never responded to me... Started being sarcastic with me and stuff but now wants to be my best friend again.... I am pretending to be okay with him but need help making him see the error of his ways... Did I mention he is narcissistic and very temperamental!!!! Can anybody give me some advice?!!!!
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Do this:
Tell him how you felt when he was acting out.
Say ill think about the friend thing.
Only if you never do it again!
Say an inside joke then hug so it'll make em laugh!
Then say if u ever do that again I won't be softy!
Hope his works!
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If you're trying to make someone feel guilty it's either because you want them to do something or want something from them.....that is a form of manipulation and I'm not going to assist you in that....
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Just fake cry, that's what I do but occasionally it does not work. It  is rare for it not to work with my parents. PS:it depends on your age and the type of parents.

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