Why Is My Ex Trying To Make Me Jealous?


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It would do well for you to remember one very important issue - HE IS AN EX-BOYFRIEND. There is a reason he is an X. You are no longer with him and what he does, or does not do, should not matter to you. It is his loss of time if he continues to attempt to influence your life by making you jealous. It simply shows his immaturity. If you allow him to make you jealous, you also allow him to have an impact on your life. That relationship has already gone down the tubes once. Forget him and forget his nonsense. Turn him off like a water faucet.
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It depends on what kind of person they are;
its your ex so you'll know them better than anyone on here but it can be for any number of reasons, they simply want to get a kick out of hurting you, they still have feelings for you and making you jealous could bring you to a point where you would do anything to be with them,
or yet they mite not be trying to make you jealous at all.
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Well he still likes you then so if I were you I would go out with him again.
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My ex is doing this its pathetic. There just looking for a reaction from you, just ignore them and hopefully they will go away.
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Your ex is trying to make you jealous, because he still like you and want you to take him back.
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Don't pay attention to him he is an idiot that makes you jealous. If you want you can make him jealous to.....all the best
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Hallo liebe leute ?
Ich war mit meinem ex freund ca.6 monate zusammen?
Wir hatten aber etwas probleme mit den eltern und gingen aus dem grund ausernander
nach kürzer zeit habe ich versucht ihn zu vergessen hat hatte einen neuen freund doch mein ex mishcte sich ein rufte mich an so das mein freund und ich ausernander gingen einpaar wochen später ist er mit meiner freundin zusammen gekommen er sagt angeblich er liebe sie doch das glaube ich kaum jetz habe ich einen neuen freund und er nerft schon wieder kann es sein das er eifersüchtig ist und noch bisschen gefühle für mich hat ?

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