What Does Jealousy Mean?


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Jealousy is a sin before God's eyes! This means that you are suspicious person who seeks to gain an advantage. It means that you have traits of resentment and you are afraid of this person feelings towards you. And most of all, you always want control of one's freedoms- never letting this thought go. What you need to do is read the Bible more (about 7-15 verses each day) about jealousy. There is an excellent book on the subject also: The NIV Compact Nave's Topical Bible by John Kohlenberger III. This is if you want a real explanation of jealousy. Relax. Life isn't all about your feelings. It's about the feelings of others. You do not need to seek counseling, only seek the truth and these jealous feelings will subside.
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It means, you want something or someone so bad.
You don't want that person with anyone else.
Because you care.
You want something/someone all to yourself.
And if you see it or them with someone else you wish it was happening to you not them,
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It means that you are so scared of loosing someone you love
and what ever they do you don't believe that they love you.
Its root is insecurity.
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Jealousy is a noun obtained from the word jealous. The word jealous has its origin in Late Latin and was taken from the word 'zelus'. Zelus means zeal. Later, it was adapted by Latin (Vulgar) as zelosus. The Old French modified it as 'gelos' which meant 'jealous' or 'zealous'. Then, it was adapted by the Middle English as 'jelous'. When one is aggrieved or bitter in rivalry, he is said to be jealous. The feeling or attitude that this person possesses is termed jealousy.

For example: jealousy can ruin friendships. This example indicates that an attitude of covetousness is harmful for friendships. Covetousness, enviousness, envy, discomfort or dislike, displeasure, skepticism, malcontentment, jaundiced eye, envious suspicion, and jealousness are some words that are synonymous to 'jealousy'. Jealousy is also termed 'green-eyed monster' [Othello], or yellows.
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Jealousy is a feeling of envy over something that you don't have that others have. It could be in the form of materials, relationship, family, food, or achievement.
Often, Jealousy is present in a marriages or in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship by one not trusting the other. The reason for jealousy in a relationship is one is not making enough effort to show love to the other and not really following a so called "word of honor". In a family, jealousy is present if a parent starts favoring one child over other child or children. In material, one wanted badly something and can't have it, and other's can have the same thing so easy then brag about it. In achievement, like at work, one has a lot of promotion because of hard work, and other see it as kiss a.....s and instead of changing attitude towards co-workers (like learning from them) or going back to school for added education, one started gossiping about the other and ended up in trouble which rooted in jealousy.
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Jel0us means when you see your l0ve one cheated with an0ther person.
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Envy..... Its like a want of something or someone you don't have.... Or had but it was taken away.... Like I'm jealous of all theses people who have awesome answers... Un like me....bech!! And you want it to be yous and for it to be only your
~ 3 out of 2 people have trouble with fractions~>.<

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