Does Jealousy work on guys?


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Britt bb answered
Every guy is different. I agree with everyone else. It depends on the guy. Don't try to make guys jealous, though, because if they like you, they may give up on you thinking  you weren't interested. Also, making guys jealous is a mean thing to do. I wouldn't want a guy trying to get me jealous! Jealousy hurts. If you're going to go out of your way to make a guy jealous, be careful, and don't take it too far. Manipulating peoples' emotions is dangerous.
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Starma Scorpio answered
Jealousy is an undesirable emotion and it is not based on love but insecurity so yes, everyone gets jealous.  However that being said, I wouldn't suggest trying to make someone else jealous and if they do get jealous it is most likely based on them being insecure and I don't know about you but I would not want to be with someone who is insecure.
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Martha Jones answered
Somewhat. Don't base your whole objective on it thought. Don't get guy to make another guy jealous, because you might hurt the other guys feelings..and its too much of a hassle and commitment for just one guy. But what you can do is just do little things to make a guy jealous. Flirt with a guy right next to him and just do some little things to make him notice you.
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ash joneser answered
Most guys are very jealous.... Jealousy does work but ir depends on who the guy is... But be careful makin a guy jealous on purpose could back fire
Mark Anthony Porcadilla Profile
Yes of course.most especially if we really love the girl so much
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Sarah answered
Yeah, it annoys them. :) I guess it just depends on the guy...some guys think it's childish and immature and others think it's fun.
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isiah tyler answered
Um, yeah haven't you heard of domestic violence, the question is do you want him to be jealous.
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Foolish Girl answered
Yes they can get jealous just as much as girls although some show or hide it better then others all depending on how much jealousy they develop from their situation

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