Is Everyone Jealous?


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No I'm not Jealous,because I know I'm suppose to want for everyone,especially friends and those I care about,the samethings that I want for myself,those that are jealous have low self esteem and If self esteem was money I would be rich,those are not friends that are jealous.....
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I can't answer for "everyone". I do not know if "everyone" is jealous, but I can say for certain that more often than not, you will come across someone who is jealous.,and I can tell you what causes it.

Jealousy is a disturbing emotion and a universal feeling.To have a good sense of self awareness means to have a better grasp of reality. The opposite of reality is to project qualities onto yourself that are not there. When you have a distorted view through arrogance or pride and ego, you have a distorted sense of personal abilities. When you have low self esteem or are insecure, you underestimate your own abilities. Both are equally destructive. It is by examining yourself that you have a better self-awareness. A truly empowered person is humble.

Jealousy is hostility towards someone who has achieved something or is enjoying an advantage. If you are jealous of someone, you are not in the place that you truly would like to be. Sometimes jealousy entails a wish for others to be deprived of what they have achieved. Sometimes spite will come into play. From jealousy comes, rudeness, arrogance, spite, selfishness, dishonesty and many other destructive emotions. It all begins within yourself. It has nothing to do with others around you.
Sexual jealousy is human nature. Also there can be a jealousy between friends of the same sex. It is up to you how you will react to this emotion or if your behavior or actions will become irrational. Many women (and some men) will allow jealousy to get in the way of their friendships with other women (or men). We do not give them the respect they deserve because of our own insecurity.

If my partner is jealous, I would say that he does not truly know me and he is not secure with himself. If a friend is jealous of me, I would say they are not self-aware and disrepecting me by projecting  their own unhappiness and ego onto me. I will always say that no one has the right to bring you down to where they might be or steal your peace of mind.
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I have been jealous before,and I hated it. But I read that the reason women are jealous of each other is because, women think if another women is pretty, it's going to take away from her beauty and then she will not be as pretty. But that is not the case, when a woman is beautiful its a reflection on all of us. Like , if there are 2 flowers the purple one is not prettier than the red one, they are beautiful together.
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I've never really been jealous, I think it's a wasted emotion. I've had jealousy around me, but learned that this people had insecurities or unhappiness they just couldn't get past. I have been envious at times. Then I have to remind myself of my own qualities, my own self worth. Dext is right on the money with this one. I've seen a lot of people be hurt by their own jealousy, it's an emotion I wish didn't exist.
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We all want to be treated fairly. But when we see that we receive less than what others do, whether things physical or emotional, we are upset and resentful. That's jealousy. The problem is that usually we are the last person to be able to judge what is fair. We may not know what other considerations are involved. For example, we may fly into a rage at someone getting 12 million dollars salary when we only get 12 thousand. But we neglect to consider the fact that that person invested his entire youth in working hard in school and college and work place while we were hanging out with our friends having a good time. Or, some big movie star or sports star having a glamorous lifestyle, and not to consider the struggle, training, sacrifices and gamble these people have gone through to have just one among hundreds succeed as a star, who can also disappear in an instant.
In general, Life is fair--you get what you put in. Jealousy is destructive--it destroys our willingness to better our own life by shifting our focus and energy on others. It makes us bitter, and a lesser person for others to want to associate with.
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And there are many different reasons WHY a person may be jealous. Not all jealousy is for the same thing as someone else on here gave examples of. I have been jealous at times not claws out type jealousy. More
I am jealous sometimes if I like someone like romantically. So it depends on why one may get jealous too.
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I wouldn't say all are jealous, but in a way we are inside either jealous of family friends or others. And I wouldn't say I was jealous I have nothing to be jealous of, so far.
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I think that there is truth in your words, we all seem to have jealous urges from time to time, when friends spend more time with others or siblings get special treatment.
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Everyone is jealous at some time or another.
  I think the green eyed monster causes it. He sneaks up behind and catches you off guard.
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You know its funny, I never thought of myself as a jealous person, but lately I have had jealous feelings, so I think you could become jealous, not to say you are, but you could have a jealous tendency every once in awhile
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In my point of view every one feels jealous at any specific point in their lives. It is totally wrong to say that one person is never jealoused of anything. Some people are smart enough that they donot show in their behavior that they are jealous so people think that some people never feel jealous.

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