I'm A Very Jealous Person. I Can't Seem To Help Myself. I Know I Have A Problem And I've Read Books About It But Have You Any Suggestions As I Want A Normal Life?


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A. My immediate response when reading your question is - what are you afraid of? Jealousy is all about insecurity and fear. You wouldn't act this way if you were sure of yourself and your appeal to men. You seem to expect them to leave you or play up or in some other way, deceive you. Unfortunately, these expectations can be become self-fulfilling. So far, your behaviour has cost you some lost opportunities and possibly happy relationships. I would say you probably need counselling to help you understand your feelings in this matter and be free of the green-eyed monster. If you take responsibility and not look to blame your partners or project your fears onto them, it'll be a good start. Insecurities tend to go way back and stem from childhood experiences so they can't entirely be fixed rationally. In fact, jealousy is totally irrational and not based in fact. Try to stop being suspicious and looking for trouble, practise trust and it might very well pay dividends.
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Jealousy is the main cause of break ups in relationships as well as marriages. Honesty isn't their and honesty is what builds a relationship, faith is what keeps it. If a man hasn't given you any reason to be suspicious, then don't! Get a hold of yourself! That's what you call insanely jealous and you don't want that in your life at all. You will drive yourself crazy for sure and you will definitely drive a man in the opposite direction if he feels you aren't trusting him 100%...That's what a relationship is...TRUST...Try to give that man the benefit of the doubt. You are putting more pressure on yourself than you ought to. If there aren't any signs of distrust anywhere...Then I say, trust him, until he gives you a reason not to.
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Tell yourself over and over everyday that certain things are just not worth getting jealous over. I understand that jealousy is natural so you can't not be jealous for the rest of your life. However there are petty things people get jealous over that I feel maitenence rehearsal can help.
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You sould try going out and relaxing and having sex a lot ok
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Jealousy is a menace. It brings out the worst in you. Try recognizing those things that make you jealous and talk about them to someone close. I would advise you to see a therapist as they will be most helpful in such a situation.

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