What's Your Best Moment In Your Life?


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I didn't know it at the time, but the best moment of my life occurred the day I met my best friend. She was the first person to trust me completely, the first to love me unconditionally, the only person I was ever able to share anything and everything with, and we would have done anything for each other. It made no difference that we lived 500 miles apart. I can also say that the worst moment of my life occurred on the day she died.
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My best moment was when after being friends with my boyfriend for over one year, we had our first kiss and I felt like my heart would burst through my chest I was so smitten with him. Being in love was the greatest moment in my life. The world seemed so clear, beautiful and I knew life was a great journey. Knowing I was in love after waiting and longing for someone was the best moment, for sure.
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The best moment in my life was the moment when I realised that happiness doesn't come from the things or the places that I had sought for it. I had looked for love, happiness and fulfilment in food, women, drink, dreams etc. Instead, real happiness can only be derived from helping others, engaging with others, making other people's lives better. This type of sharing helps other people in their lives and brings us an amazing buzz.

Other great moments include meeting my partner, I just knew and through hard times, she stuck by me and when you find someone like that, you just have to thank God or whoever is working the strings up there.

My last great moment is when my mother was invited to go Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen at a garden party, the amazing sense of pride that I felt for her was amazing, it's a great honour for our family and for my mother.
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My best moment came when I brought out my dearest friend from crisis of his life. He was so deeply depressed and not interested in life. With personnel interest & lot of pain I could make him normal.

Because for me friendship / friends are the best gifts given by god to us
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Hi adad1122,

Well, there have been a few.

The day I met my now husband in high school 30 years ago, the day we got engaged, the day we got married and the day we had our daughter.

Those were wonderful days in my life, but every day contains the best moments of my life. I cherish every moment of every day with everyone simply because (and we must ALWAYS remember this) we have only a finite number of days.

Thanks for letting me share my feelings!
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It was when I scored for the first time in football.
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1st- when I received Jesus as my Saviour, then when I married my late husband. he died last year at 37 yrs old. I'd give anything to have him back. Also having my 2 kids is important.
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My best moment was unforgettable.  I was at a big conference at Bethany World Prayer Center in Louisiana.  The man speaking was just describing the love of God.  To be honest this was when I meet God for myself.  I felt an arm come around me and embrace me as I was sitting down.  No one was around me. I broke down in tears and I felt God talking to me. He was telling me how he thought I was special and how much he loved me. That was the best moment of my life because that's when I encountered God for myself.
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My most Happiness time of my Life was when I had My Children and when they grew up and had there children. And when I met My Husband online and have been married for 7 1/2 wonderful Years now together We have 13 Wonderful Children, 28 Grand Children and 7 Great grand Children. IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE.
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The best moment in my life was when my 14 year old son was born. To see life brought to it's fullest has to be the greatest.
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Hey I'm only seventeen , but so far the greatest moment of my life was when I was with my bf who I was head over heels for. We had just finished gettinn it on ahhaa and I was just sittin there with him and neither of us were sayin anything causee we didnt need to and was just a hell intimatee moment

he ended up cheating on me in the end which devostated me for months butt didnt taint the memory :)
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The best moment in my life was when my great-grandmother died because all her suffering vanished.
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The best moment in my life was when my son was born 10yrs ago . The second best was when I divorce his cheating mother . 4yrs ago.
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Becoming a dad, adad if you pardon the pun. I had seen many births before but watching your own coming into the world is something else.
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The moment of your life may pass you by. You do not realize it, but suddenly, years later, you look back and think, god, that was the best moment of my life.  Sometimes when we look back we think I should have - would have etc... But this is what they call hindsight.  You know the old expression, hindsight is 20/20. It is so true. I look back and think, gee, had everything, just made the wrong choice
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The best moment of my life was when I was being kissed by the person I was in love with.
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The best moment in my whole life was when I made my Confirmation and became sealed with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.I didn't understand how special God was at the time, but now I do, and that was definitely the very best moment in my whole life.
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Witnessing the birth of either of my 3 children with the day of my marriage to my lovely wife Yvonne running a close second place.
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My best moment was when I almost became video game pro for halo. Although it never happened I will never forget the experience.
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It's when I'm in my lover's arms and feel that there's nothing else in this world at all..just me n him..n feel that nothing else matters, no worries..not thinking..that's my best moment..=)
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When I received my first holy communion. I started to pay attention in church more. It made me feel important and made me want to come to church more. Which now I'm going to make my conformation next year and I'm really happy about that.
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When I had a sleepover with my best friend. I was like seven years old, and it meant a lot to me. I just hold sleepovers as some holy thing. I really like them. :D  anyways she called me her best friend, and that meant the world to me. I was really infatuated with her. I still sometimes cry about drifting away from her. :(

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The best moment of my life was finding my long lost friend I met in the hospital. We became best friends, spent every awoken moment together. Even slept on the same bed. We started dating but it ended terribly with her prostituting, doing drugs. We no longer talk sadly :'(

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Johnny Bravo
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I actually witnessed my very first shooting star with her. It was beautiful. I wishes we will be together forever. Guess those things don't work :/
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One of the best moments was when I met my fiance', another was when each one of my daughters was born. Another special moment was when I became a Christian.
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Hands down: When the lovely Debbie Lockwood became my wife.

Others: Being hugged by Ray Bradbury after I told him that he's the man who made me want to be a writer. The surprise 18th birthday party thrown by my high school class. Seeing my oldest niece and my two nephews get married. (Soon to be two oldest nieces!) The night my play had its debut with my mom in the audience. Graduating college with my mom and dad present.

I'm going to brag: I've ALWAYS thought I was the luckiest man on the face of the earth. I've been blessed more than any individual has a right.
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When I feel in love with my tiny little daughter, I was at the peak of my life. She's what my purpose in life is. I love her more than life itself.

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