What Is The Most Happiest And The Saddest Moment Of Your Life?


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Greatest moments of my life are more of with friends.. =D saddest was when my best buddy died about 4-5 years ago.. Cause by rabies.. Happiest?? Hmmmm this made me think really hard.. Too hard to choose.. For I personally think I have never experience TRUE happiness.. So maybe my happiest would be when I pass the local board exam and became a nurse last year.. =D
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The happiest is doing stuff fun the sad is when a boyfriend brakes up with you
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The happiest is when I can make my loved ones happy, laughing enjoying their lives, and the saddest is when my Mother died in my arms on Christmas Day.
Mary at  your service   :) Profile
My happiest moments are still coming together. But my most happiest moment was when I got a clan. They are all awsome they are like a family to me. But my saddest moment was when a boy named Chris, a guy in my clan, was attacked by a evil guy. But I got there just before Chris died. Now the evil guy has payed the price for hurting Chris. But we weren't allowed to carry out the deed.
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The happiest moment in my life was when my children were born. Nothing beats that. The saddest moment was that my dad had passed 3 months before I had my daughter. I told him he was going to be a grandfather and he was happy and later passed away in my arms.
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Happiest moments come to me when I'm reading a book or watching a movie, and something so funny happens that I'm laughing histerically and can't breathe. :D

Saddest moment was sept. 9/2011, when my first pet died. Well, first mammal pet. I could care less when my snails and toads died. It was a hamster, and it had died young, of an injury in its cheek pouch that infected. It was the combination of the sorrow that Cocoa had to suffer through the pain, the anger that my parents wouldn't take it to the vet, and that my best friend had died. I spent hours every day with that hamster. She was really great. Rip cocoa

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The happiest moments are are time spent with my family on vacation. The saddest moment was when my mother passed away last may. She was 80. One more month and she would have been 81. My parents were married for 59 years.
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Happiest when I scored my first century ( I scored only one 100 ) in a 20 over match I think

saddest when I know , the people I've thought my own tried to betray me , but now its okay at least  I understand everyone

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