What's the best moment of you're life?


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John answered
When the good lord calls me home and gives me a new perfect body.
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joan saviour answered
When I used tommy gun , with 50 round drum mag and the legendary AK-47 , my childhood friends pa was a military officer , fortunately he let me try those guns
It varies from age to age.  For young people it may be the date of their marriage-- getting a child etc.  For me -- an old man -- a difficult question --children getting married and also getting children.
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My first kiss <3
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Ray Ottewell answered
When I came on blurt'it and found myself an enemy, he started it and now he has run away come on back dude
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Jasmine Haha
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Hahah that's hilarious xD
Tony Newcastle
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What are YOU laughing at,huh..??
--If he comes within half a mile of my house, I will grab my Magnum44 and run a spear right through hs grapefruits!!...
--We shall see who is more "dude" then, uhuh??.
Ray Ottewell
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Still swinging your handbag then. Seems like you have got your knickers in a twist.

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