What is your most embarrassing moment and describe it?


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When I was eleven I had the lead role in "Pollyanna". During one of the scene changes the lights came up early. I went on and realized that the scene wasn't how it was supposed to be, after a moment I just yelled " turn the lights off already" and went back off stage. Everybody else laughed and thought it was funny. I'm glad, because it would have been worse if it was awkward.

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I walked in on my friend's father using the bathroom....sitting down.
BTW: In my defense she said no one was in there.

I couldn't face him for a while
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Kk polly
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I walked in on a seven year old boy and even though it was an accident I feel so sinful. :( I wish people would use the lock, sigh
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When my mom showed a pic of me when I was little and I was naked to all my friend when they came over
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I was takein a shower. Then my mom shows up and takes a pic. I was so embarassed.

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