What Was The Most Embarrassing Experience You've Ever Had?


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Bernice Shorter answered
I was a young adult; in college.  I was dating several young men - non seriously.  Once Christmas I came home for the holidays.  I went shopping one day.  While I was out shopping my mother invited everyone who called me to come on over that evening. I got home late and tired and soon they started to arrive.  Turns out she had invited about 10 young men to just come on over that I would be home shortly. I Found my self sitting in our living room with 10 young men each of who thought he had gotten a special invitation. I was so embarrassed- no one would leave.  They just all kept sitting there waiting on the other to go. I thought I would die from embarrassment. My mother thought it was hilarious.  She had a ball that evening -at my expense of course.
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Oh my god!! To many to mention but here's one,  I was out at a party and drinking so much  beer that I needed to pee soo bad,well I got to the restroom its was so packed  that  I had to wait in line ,I tried to hold it as long as I can ,by the time it was my turn I started to really panic (you know wen you see the toilet you tend to really need to pee) well I was using a jumper and man was it hard to open soooooo yah my accident spilled .....after that well I just had to go home (of course ) heheheh !!!!good thing no one noticed!!!whew...
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Walking into the kitchens instead of the loos in a top London hotel to be faced with all the surprised chefs - I thanked them for the most splendid meal I had thoroughly enjoyed and left to their applause - and continued to the loos and my original destination.
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My most embarrassing moment happens to be a Halloween happening.  I had been invited to a Halloween costume party as a very, very young teen.  My family did not have a lot of money for store bought costumes,  so it was decided that I would wear a hand me down formal dress from a older, taller and better endowed cousin.  I would wear a homemade crown and I would go as a Princess.  The dress was strapless and I was "boobless".  Nevertheless, I thought if I kept pulling it up it would be ok.  I got to the home of my dream boy and his Mom answered the door and told me that nobody had arrived yet to go wait in the living room.  As I entered the darkened room out jumps all my friends yelling, Surprise!  It frightened me and I took about 3 steps backward, stepped on the too long gown and jerked it down around my waist.  I could have easily died at that moment.  I ran to the bathroom and stayed there the entire party time with his Mother and assorted other people trying to talk me into coming out.
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I was running naked after an evolved version of dinosaur in the wall street(go down for more details)...only...after   a   while    ...to   realise  

I   was

dreaming !
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Romeo Salvador answered
Passing my water (urinating) on a tree in a parking lot at about 2:00 am, not knowing that some people were all going home together (about 6 cars). So they all start up their cards within half minutes of each other and there I was in full spotlight - doing the "Pissing Boy" or Manneken Pis of Holland, only I was not a mannequin. I was doing it live. They all saluted me with their horns.
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I walked in to the men's bathroom one time, not thinking, and there were men in there, lol I was red for a week. Lol
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Kk polly
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Hehe that happens to me all the time! I don't get embarrassed about it though as I don't know the people, and I know I'll never see them again.
For me it is mandatory that I look at the signs and double check the signs. Even so this one time at chickfila I double checked and still got it wrong! God! I feel like such a dumb blonde!!!
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Dropping my graduation paper on stage in front of the 1500 people who were watching the ceremony, and as I was wearing a skirt this was followed by me very awkwardly attempting to pick them all up.
im not telling u  my year of birth  :) Profile
Probably when my friend told like 10 people in my class who I liked, and then also threatened to tell him as well. But I know she would never go that far (not because she cares about me getting embarrassed, because trust me she doesn't) but because she knows I can seriously physically injure her....lol :)
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Hmm.... Let me think back...well I think that would b the time that some guy n I were just pickin around (poking each other) n next thing I kno some girl n the guy was saying that I touched his butt when I totally was unaware of that... I think I had blanked out when they said that happened...but thru the whole year he thought I liked him when I'm not even into guys
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Chathan Grey
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Yes, that would be embarrassing, but actually happens to a lot of friends especially when drinking and horsing around. Believe it or not most people have a story like this with friends of either sex.
Kk polly
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Lol! That's hilarious!
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Mine was when my teacher taught the spinal cord on my back 2 years back! I waas REALLY skinny!
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Well I ripped my pants at school and had to but my bag in front of me the whole time,lucky I have good friends.
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Kk polly
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My best friend's dad ripped his pants while being our goalie in front of my whole soccer team of nine year old girls. I seriously just forgot about it right away, and I only remember it because he did.
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I've had so many, it's hard to say.  Once I had over-night guests.It was Sunday and we were going to church. I told my friend she better get dressed, so we wouldn't be late.  She said "I am dressed!"
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Well a guy said that (not in simple words) that he likes me aloud...but believe me I think that a guy is not worth then a friend...so you can  figure out the result...
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I went to middle school and at the time one of the fads was those baggy whit shirts for the girls. I wore one and a kid in my class asked "when I was due?" its middle school!!! What the heck?
I was sooo pissed.. And he didnt stop for months he finally stopped when I yelled at him in front of the whole class. That I'm not pregnant and if I was it was none of his business and if he didnt shut the f$%k up he wouldnt have to worry about having kids.
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Wow, you seem like a such a great person. I really admire you ability to stand up.. Wait, who am I kidding?
Kk polly
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Omg you rock!
Kk polly
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I'm good at threatening people too!
Tortoise is awesome Profile
I was in yr 2 and we were getting changed after swimming in the change rooms, but I realised id lost my undies. So a girl had to go to sickbay and get a pair for me. It was the worst day of my life! When I came out all the boys were laughing at me and nearly the whole school knew about it by lunch time.
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When I was in year 10 in school, I didnt reolise that at lunch time, when I was sitting on the grass I had sat on some gum. So then later on I has an exam and I was right at the frount of the hall which ment I had to walk through everyone. And I didnt reolise this hug bit of gum on my ass LOL. Everyone was laughing at me.
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suman kumar answered
I was discussing about a comedy situation between me and my boss, we were all heartily laughinhg, we did'nt notice that, at the start of the discussion, sir had entered the room, he also started laughing. That was the most embarassing and funny situation I had encountered.
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My most embarrassing moment was a few months ago, I'm 13. My hair was getting long and I didn't take care of it very well and my mom and dad said I had to cut it, that is was too long and it didn't look nice. My mom tried to help me pic out a cute short hairstyle, but I was being a brat about it. Anyways my mom and dad brought me to the salon and we talked to the hairstylist about which haircut I should get, and my parents agreed on one and I wasn't exactly sure what it was but I thought it would look cute. My hair was long around my butt and then they took about 13' off and it looked so ugly. I cried and yelled and my mom told me that if I was going to act like a baby I was going to act like a baby I was sure going to be treated like one. She took me too the little ladies room pulled my bloomers down and spanked my bum. I cried and screamed and walked out of the bathroom holding my butt. It was soo embarassing.

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