What was the worst kiss you've ever had?


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A girl with braces cut the heck out of my lips.

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Ancient Hippy
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THAT would have been super embarrassing at that age.
Wizeold Dogmom
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Ya man!!! It happened to my grandson and I got the call, me and her mom tormented those two all 30 miles to town. LOl!!
Walking into the office was a blast for us adults....watching them walk sideways.
Ancient Hippy
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That must have been a riot to watch. Poor kids, hehehehehe.
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My first kiss was awkward but also sorta cute... My ex was 3 years older than me (he's 19 now but when he dated me, he was 18 and I was 15 *still am*) Anyway, he would smoke and there were times that he would kiss me (like leaving my house or dropping me off) that I could taste it >.>

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It was so bad that I can still remember it 60 years later. It was a blind date. After an appalling night I took her home and kissed her goodnight. She said, "Only one kiss the first night." And I replied, "What about one for the last night?" I didn't get it.

Hmm. I didn't want it. :(

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My first one was gross. His name was Bill Bailey and I was in 4th grade. He closed his eyes and puckered up and missed my mouth and slobbered on my chin. I broke up with him, and my dad found him under my bedroom window singing a love song. Sadly, I wasn't home. He didn't know that. My dad told him that love is hard sometimes but his daughter didn't like him. He was a cutie, just awkward.

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The worst kiss I ever got was from one of my best guy friends that my husband says was in love with me. I had no clue....Duh!

His name was John-John, he was almost deaf so you had to say his name twice before he heard you. He was a biker and we were partying at the clubhouse one night when in walked this dude I had been moony eyed over for years. The jerk came over and tried to get me to go for a ride while grabbing all my parts. I told him NO! You just want to use me. I tried to push him away. John-John socked him in the chops and threw him out the door while everyone laughed their behinds off.

Of course I ran in the other room and started crying my eyes out. John -John came in and held me while I told him all about how PQ has been torturing my feelings for years. Then he tipped my head up and slammed the most slobbery, loose lipped, drooling, tonsil hockey, drown me, surprise I have ever had happen from the person I least expected it from! WHAT????? My mind went numb while I gagged and shoved away from him. I stood there staring at him wiping my mouth trying not to barf while he hung his head and apologized. He said he couldn't help it, that no one should treat me like PQ had. He said "I love You and will never let anyone hurt you if I am around"

It was so hard. Telling him " you know I love you like a brother and that is all you and I will ever have"

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Wizeold Dogmom
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Ya. Sin it is. That is what I wear when we ride the MC. I am a chameleon and dress to fit the situation. I have learned over my many years that first impressions are the life savers or takers in many situations. Look at me at a gold show, competing in state gold panning championships ........... what? Really? Ya! never judge a book by it's cover. The real story has to be read.
Wizeold Dogmom
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He was one of the sweetest guys I ever knew. He never tried to touch me in a romantic way ever again. if anyone got out of line with me he all ways put a quick stop to it. Saved my bacon many times.
Wizeold Dogmom
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Ya. I will never forget him and his friendship, he holds a special place in my heart. He all ways had my back.
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One lad who I was attracted to and had my first romantic kiss, with but a year later he chewed the inside of my mouth. Turns out he did the same to other class mates that he'd kissed. He certainly left an impression, being my most romantic kiss the first time and worst kiss the last, he must have been dating a cannibal in between and became a terrible kisser.

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