What was the most embarrassing time you had at school?


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Probably today. My friend and I(just so you know for the rest of this, I am a girl and he is a boy) were talking about CDD and then I told him about this crazy girl in my CCD class and the girl said to my brother(receiving holy communion this year) "WHAT SACRAMENT ARE YOU GETTING THIS YEAR?" And my brother said "I don't know", so my friend says "matrimony"(when 2 people get married). So a girl at our table says "YOU GUYS ARE GETTING MARRIED?!?!?!" And about 5 other people start cracking up.

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Senior English assignment was a presentation on symbolism in a Joseph Conrad story.  I was clueless and decided I could fake my way thru.  It quickly became obvious that I was faking it, and not well.  By the time I finished, the entire class (except the teacher) was in stiches laughing (and not WITH me).  So impressed a couple of classmates that they felt it was necessary to mention it in my yearbook at the end of school. 

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Sophomore in high school. Our high school was hosting the chorale competition and our group was scheduled to go next. As I was getting up to get in line, another girl (thankfully) told me to sit back down. I was so surprised that I did. Then she leaned over and told me I was started my period and it had gone through the peach gown I was wearing.

Our chorale won the sweepstakes without me (sad face) and my friend went to the choir director afterwards to tell him what happened. She called my mom to come get me and then walked behind me to my mom's car, hoping to block everyone's view of the back of my dress.

When I get home, I was taking care of the stain and my dad walks in. My mom ANNOUNCES what happened to the whole family.

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my studies is immemorable thing

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