What Is The Point Of Relationships?


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Well that is actually a point of debate where no answer or comment is nessecarly wrong, because some people have gone with out relationships and felt that they do just fine without them. Some however could disagree, they may feel that even if not always needed, relationships can benifit you and make you happy too. So thats nto really the type of question that only has one answer...
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Theres many different reasons to be in a relationship,so you are loved an cared about,but to love someone is a great thing you'll feel, we all want love in life, so we start searching in our teenage years, we also want relationships, so we can find someone that we can get married to as start a family. I have been in many relationships an im only 15,but ive been in one at the moment for almost 8 months now,an i have no better feeling then being in his arms an waking up next to him,relationships also make us happy, an make bad things disappear
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To have someone that's compatible with you and loves you for who you are...basically someone that's just like you...likes what you like...love what you...just someone to be there when no one else is...some say there's no point to a relationship...but everybody deserves someone and i feel there's a point to everything we do in life...
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Dear sexxybeast,

the point to a relationship in my eyes would have to be to very happy people living and learning together... There is a point in life when you come to relaize that you are lonley and need someone there  for you.... Some one to pick you up when you fall... Someone to be your backboard... You know? Thats the point of a relationship
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To share your feelings with the person you like show love passion and other emotions

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