What Does The Serious Relationship Mean Actually?


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In reality, not all kind of relationships ought to be serious. By a "serious relationship", one is usually relating to a relationship between a guy and a gal or a man and a woman. When we say that one's relationship or bond is tremendously serious, we mean that they intensely love each other and that they have developed an exceptionally strong understanding among themselves. In serious relationships, one can notice that one partner or the other is so mad after their relationship that they can literally do anything or say anything to save their relationship. They can die for each other!

In this rapidly modernizing world, it incredibly hard to witness people who possess serious relationships among their partners and those who are lucky enough to be bountied by this blessing should try their utmost to keep their other partner happy!

However it is quite normal to see that at various stages of their much sanctifies lives, these partners do lose control of themselves and instead of supporting each other, they are always on a lookout to point and criticize each other's mistakes. This too is a vital phase in a serious relationship but I guess all is well that ends well!
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Interpersonal relationships are public associations, acquaintances, or affiliations between two or more populace who may interact clearly, stealthily, face to face or may remain efficiently unknown to each other such as those in a practical community who uphold anonymity and do not go out outside of a chat room.

An interpersonal association may be viewed as focused such as a sales assistant and client or as un-focused such as passengers on a bus. People wandering to a football match share a relationship whether they support the same team or contrasting teams. The significance of the relationship may not be apparent until they shout approval or boo. In each case society will be inclined to define the forms of both accepted and unacceptable interactions.

Interpersonal relationships vary in their point of self-disclosure, feedback, power and respect to person's name a few. They vary in the amount to which they are defined or constructed by culture and words. They vary in whether the relationship is open to query, challenge or change, which itself can reveal authority differentials in a diversity of interpersonal relationships and settings.
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It's basically a mutual acknowledgment between two people that agree to be together in love and some level of commitment.  "Serious" relationships should always be discussed so that both parties have an understanding of each others boundaries, what you can tolerate (or not), and their wants, needs & desires...
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You love each other without sex
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Thank-You for saying this...a recent ex partner of mine thought being serious meant getting intimate through sexual things.

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