Is It Okay To Not Know What You Want To Do In The Future Around The Age Of 15?


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There are so many decisions to be made it is not surprising you do not know what you want to do in the future. Perhaps sit down and list all your talents and see what sort of job you are best suited for. Good luck xx
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15 is so young to be making life long career decisions. Concentrate on finishing high school and starting college. The first 2 years of college will be consumed with core classes that you will have to take no matter what major you want to pursue. Take that 2 years to explore classes in areas you think you might want to go into. List your talents and interests, also make a list of occupations that you know you dont ever want to pursue. I changed my major 5 times before I finally decided where I wanted to be. Whatever you decide to do, just remember... If you enjoy your job, then its not work. Good luck, enjoy being a teenager... You have lots of time to plan your future.
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It's the fact that in british school's i feel that they are
pressuring teenagers way more than they should to get ahead in life and to"plan our futures"
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Fifteen is a great age to decide what you want to do with your
life. It is always better to know early on than to find out right
before. If you know now you will be able to prepare
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Sorry i read the questions wrong, yes it is ok to not know what to do at age 15, you can always change your mind. But i would start thinking about your options so that you are prepared.
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It is more than okay. You shouldn't have your life mapped out at fifteen, you should still be dreaming about what-if's. Reality will come upon you soon enough and you'll have to grow up then, for now you're welcome to drift along and find yourself a little!
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Absolutely! Don't worry about it, some people never know what they want to do. Basic thing, keep up your school grades, they give you more choice about what you can do.
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If you are talking about sex it is totally ok take it from someone who knows!!!  if not  still yes
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Absolutely! You have your whole life ahead of you to figure that out. So enjoy life now.

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