Is It Possible To Truly Know What Love Is At The Age Of 14?


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I think it is 100% possible because i am 17 and i have been in love with my boyfriend since i was 15 and no one believes me that i really am so i know what your going through. It is possible because love doesn't need an age, all you have to know is in your heart that you love this person. Do you feel that you could spend the rest of your life with this person and love them and them alone forever
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Honestly, i can see us growing old together, and he's all i want. && hes really good looking, and is it normal to get jealous if he like has a crush on Selina Gomez, cuz he does, and it kinda ticks me off?! I get jealous and i feel like shes way prettier than me.
Lu Lu or Amanda Johnsoooooon
I dont think it should be a problem becasue honestly do you think he will ever even meet selina gomez? Chances are no.. But men always want what they cant have, hes just a male with raging hormones, blow it off, trust me i was upset because my bf likes j-lo... But i got over it.. And i think you really do have true love.... And i see your pic.. Your way cuter than selina gomez lol.. In a non lesbian way haha
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Well dear love is something that enters your heart without knocking so age actually does not matter at 14 you can fall in love but yes when responsibility comes i think being a 22 year old gal that it's not the right time cause to make a relation you need to nurture the relation and at the same time you need to understand the commitment that you both are ready to take . But don't stop loving someone thinking that it's not the right age is blind just move on ....
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Okay now we have a very nice question from you.. Let me tell you something love is something which can knock at your doors no matter what your age is... It's really difficult to define love.. You are pretty young n  at your age what you consider to be love might be an infatuation you see like a temporary attraction... Which fades off with tyms.. But then i really don't know what you are exactly going through.. May be you are matured enough to understand what is love.... Don't be hasty.. Cherish the moment when you are in love but i would also suggest that listen to your parents as well.. Cause no matter what experience counts so in any case you are in trouble they will be the people who will help you out... And do not fall in love dear.. Instead rise in love...
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Well this is probably going to sound strange but im 14, i have a girlfriend and yes, i am a girl, iv been seeing her for 9 months now and i truly believe im in love with her, everyone tells me im not and that im jus infatuated with her and that im confused but in my heart i know i DO love her, no matter what anyone says ... So yeaah i think it is possible to truly know what love is at the age of 14 =) x
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Yes. Teens can experience true love, but the capacity for love is not as great as adults. But true love is unselfish. It is for his good that you love him. Not your own pleasure.

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