When A Boy Says He Loves You Does He Really Mean It?


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These Three Words...
I guess the only person who really knows is him, that's if he really understands what love is that is. What is love? All I know about love, really, is that it is unconditional! Though I do believe you can think your in love and not be, and vice versa - thinking you're not in love but are (a rare case mind you). So the only answer i believe in is trust!

If you trust your boyfriend... You will trust him enough to use those three little words - which are easy to say, but is hard to undo - when he means it or at least he thinks he means it. Not to use it at every opportunity! So trust him not to lie to you basically.

You should ask him if he really means it
Asking other people you will probably get the wrong answer and make a bad decision. And some people think you have to be a certain age well... That's not true love has no age limit what so ever. My best advice is that if you haven't had sex with him yet and he's constantly telling you he loves you its sometimes obvious that sex is all he wants or if you only known him for a couple of weeks. But honestly I believe you should listen to what your heart is really telling you not what your brain is telling you becuz the brain can get you into a lot of trouble and drama.

It's not what you say, it's the way you say it...
Well it depends how he says it if you are on the phone and he has to go and you say you love him and he says it back in a whatever kind of way then no he dont but if he says it with feeling or passion then yes he does well the only thing that is left to say is that he probably does.  Also if they say  or mutter 'I love you' and get off the phone real quick then no they dont but if they wait for you to say it back then they probably do.  Hope that helps!
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Maybe he really thinks he does,  but you have to be careful boys will say anything and everything to get his way with you.
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Thats a good piont but what if thinks he is and you think you are could that be a good sign
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If he looks you in the eyes when he says it then he definately does it takes men a lot to say I love you a girl and look them in the eyes...if he tells you regularay then is true if he only tells ou when things are getting hot and heavy then maybe not so much
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When people are together for a great deal of time, yes. If a boy says it real early it;s probably puppy love. And yes dear, some boys say it just to try and take advantage of a girl.
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Well if you are with a mature boyfriend and he tells you he loves you he most probably mean it because that wasn't easy for him to say that to you he might have been practicing that for days just to say it to you because my boyfriend told me he loves me and he also told me he has never said it to another girl and that he  has brought me roses and he has never done that to any of his other girlfriends and I know he really loves me and you will know if your boyfriend loves you
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I think it depends on the person, so many people can mean it, and feel it, yet so many can say it just to make you feel better.
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Ummm it depends what kind of boy is he. If he is a player I would find out if he really liked me or make go on a test for me but if he is an honest and sweet person well don't worry GOOD LUCK!!
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Well theres someone that loves me but he loves someone else his girlfriend and I don't no whether to believe him or not you just cannot tell . . . Just always be prepared for what you could find out.
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If it's a teenager, probably not. We are too young to really know what love is. We'll say it to make you feel better, and to let you know we think you are special, but an understanding of love doesn't really come until later in life. So, he might believe he does, but that doesn't necessarily mean he does. But if he does tell you that, and he's not an one of those "players" or other type of jerk, then he undoubtedly likes you a lot, at the least.
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Honestly the only one to know it is the boy that said it! And to who ever says that just cause we are teenagers we can't love that is not true I know plenty of teenagers that have been together for several years and I am pretty sure that is love when you stay together for a long time like that! Yes it is true that a lot of the boys will tell you what you want to hear so they can have their way with you, but there are boys that do mean it and the assholes that don't mean it ruin it for the once that do. The only one that will ever know is the guys himself no one else can say different for him!
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If he is less than 16 NO! Why? Cause love doesn't exist in young guys. He may like you but once you breakup he will loose the love he once felt for you in days
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Well, my boyfriend always tells me he loves me and I always think about this. I guess we can never really know..
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When a "boy" speaks, approach it with a long handle. A boy can mean what hes says based on new felt feelings but probably does not mean an everlasting, only you, sexual type love. Love the fun and save the  heavy stuff.
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Well the only person that knows that is him but if he acts true to you and does what a real man is supposed to do then you'll know he loves you.
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Some boys just play your emotions but some also really mean it.It only depends on how he tell you that he loves you.
You, many people say that they love each other.
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Well it depends on the guy if you and him are friends for a while and he says I love you he probably means it, but if you and him aren't friends he probably doesnt mean it.
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I sure hope so, but at the same time... Most guys wont say it unless they really do and most think that you just don't go handing out "I Love You 's" you know? Hope I Helped!, if not sorry.
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If they say they love you then they mean it.Cause they wouldn't say it if they didn't mean it.Right?Right.So they mean it.This isn't the gretest advice but this all I can give right now. ;)
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I agree with "alyssa" i think if a boy loves you then he will tell you but if he don't he will try and avoid telling you...
But I'm annoyed with the person who said that boys under the age of 16.... Right any one can fall in love. No certain age! Okay, because a boy can fall in love like a girl can too !
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Alyssa2021 that isn't always the truth. Cause the boy that my freind liked told her he loved her but it was just a stupid little bet with a freind of another freind!!!!!!!!!!!!
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But some boys rlly tricks...and just say i love u i love u i love u ....and they don't respect the girl
and i think that love without respect doesn't call a love its just a stupid game to play and when the girl ends , he will buy a new cd with a new game....
Maybe just few ones are rlly true ones , but so hard to find....

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