What does it mean if a guy is really mean to you but then says he cares about you?


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He's a fake. What a douche bag! Do not let him play around with your feelings. He's clearly a jerk. Fooling around like that. Someone who cares would never be mean to you.
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He has a soft spot for you. He likes you but doesnt want you to know it. His either the no risk taking shy type or his one of those guys who just act that way so that you wont see his true feelings... So something like that.

Guys are weird!...

...but I still love them:-)
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Nadya Bean
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Yeah that makes alot of sense... Hes the kinda guy who doesnt want you to see his true feelings.
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Nadya boy's are normally mean to you because it makes you smile sometimes and they may like seeing you smile also as the boy is probaly always with his friends his thinking about his lads and that his thinking about what they will think if he says that he does like you.. I think that you should maybe just ask him why he is so mean to you ? Ask him if he does it just to cover his feelings >
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Nadya Bean
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I dont know.. Ive asked him before and he says its because ima bitch... I never recall doing anything that bad that for a reason other than kidding around
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Thats the way guys are and they say women are wishy-washy

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