What don't girls know about guys? What don't guys know about girls? What do you want to know about your opposite gender?


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Jon Asaviour answered
How to get into her heart
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Maxine Chan
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With sweetness, a kind gentle heart, and to be a gentleman:)
Jon Asaviour
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And how to become one with all these fine qualities , cause am just nobody and wanna be somebody
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A guy just really wants to know one thing about  girl : WHAT DO YOU WANT? Cus girls have a habit of beating around the bush and are very unclear especially when it comes to relationships. :)
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What girls don't know, is that men are very simple and easy to please.  They always try and make guys into something they aren't even capable of being, then get all bent out of shape when the guy doesn't do things their way. 

I totally understand why men can't figure out women.  Women dream too much about what they want instead of being happy with what they have.
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Why the opposite sex is so often using the term gender when they mean sex.
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Ignore Gramps here Max - he has a first-class degree in BS !
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Thank you Johnny Carson - now back to the studio.
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Was that your best " Cornwall corny " pseudo-Brit?
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We don't know how sneaky they can be or how they'll do or say anything to get what they want lol ! A friend's mum told me guys are like the moon, you only see one side and you never see the dark side of the moon.I'd like to know more about their attitudes to commitment and how they feel about their future lives.
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Adrian Masters
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Actually we worry about our wife's, families, work. Oh heck we just worry!! I have holes in my stomach from worrying.
Maxine Chan
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LOL haha women worry too..not just men.
Adrian Masters
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I never doubted it. You just asked how guys feel so i told you.

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