How Do You Know If You're Bisexual?


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Being Bi-sexual means you are attracted to both females and males in a sexual way.
If you just admire a woman's body & you are a girl..that doesn't mean you are Bisexual.
Many women find female anatomy sexually stimulating.
You would need to desire to be with a woman sexually. Not just feeling that her body
is attractive or even turns you on.
Being would also have a liking of the same type for guys. A sexual one.
It mainly means you want & like to have sex with males & females. Your not only
attracted sexually to the opposite sex that you are.
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If you like boys and girls then you is bisexual. You can just tell you can just feel it inside of you.did I answer your question right?lol because a lot of people been saying I don't answer my question right. I have a right to  my opinion.
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Ok well first you need to know how you feel about girls....Like me I found out I liked girls when I was like always looking at them and then I found myself dating on...And if you're always around girl.
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No your not bisexuality isn't that your scared to do something its when you fancie the same sex or find the oppersite sex attractive. I am bisexual and had 2 girlfriends . My first gf left me to go bak to her country and my second one is brill and were hanging on and dealing with the bullies and others so don't worrie x your fine xxxxxx sam
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I wouldn't say you are bisexual purely on the basis that you don't want to have sex with a girl.

You say you want a relationship with a girl though.  How far would you want the relationship to go? Holding hands, kissing, making out?

You also said you where too afraid to do anything with the girl you dated before.  Perhaps you are just not ready to have sex yet?  I don't know what age you are, but I would certainly advise you to only do things you are comfortable with, and ready for.  

Back to your question about being bisexual though.  Do you want a sexual relationship with a guy?  Do men turn you on more than girls?

Hope my answer helps.
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Bisexual means when you likes boy and girl. It is very easy to know if you are one. You feel attracted to boys and girl. And you start having a little crush on it. I am not Bisexual! But one of my friends are bisexual so I am trying to think but I am not 100% sure!
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Easy!  If you're sexually attracted to both men and women, then you're bisexual.
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I do not think you would know unless you actually tried it and then you would know if you were comfortable with it or not!
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I think a lot of people have wondered about it...but that doesn't mean your bisexual..unless you are with women ... Or maybe you are.. If you think about it all the time... A lot of women are curious but don/t act on it..
Unless you have sexual feelings and/or interactions with both sexes: No, you may simply be bi-curious dear...♥nassy

pls rate my answer & thank you!
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Simply put, if you have sexual feelings for both female and male people, you probably ARE. To everyone, I say live and love well.
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I realized I was Bisexual when I was in a MFM threesome with my wife and my friend, the next thing I knew my friend and I were concentrating on each other and not my wife.  It just felt natural.
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You like boys and girls and if can't tell just sit in a room find a pic of a boy and a pic of a girl see which one you like and if its both then your bi I know I am yes I'm edmiting it
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Ok, you will only know if your bisexual if you have had sex with a girl I mean if you do and you like it and you have sex with a guy and you like it then yes hun your bisexual but I do not know what your age is but you wont know if your bisexual  untill older years I'm about to turn 17 so I would know if I am bisexual which I am,
But hun if you like the way both of the genders are in bed and how they feel with and around you then yes you are bisexual but I can't tell you that for sure you will jsut have to wait and see when you get older.
Hope This Comment Helps You!!!.. :)
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A bisexual person, according to what I know, is a person who is both physically and emotionally attracted to both sexes - males and females - in a sexual way. If you find yourself attracted to a girl in more than a best-friend way but attracted to some guys as well, you know you are bisexual then.
Bisexuals are most commonly found in the United States of America - no offense intended. I know a few bisexuals ... They're all American. Their personalities are usually a bit complex. They act very optimistic and happy and are very sensitive.
But bisexuality is a problem in this time, since some parents are quite religious and some believe only in heterosexuality.
Really, imagine if you had a son or daughter maybe married to someone of the same gender. You would be definitely creeped out.
I hope this answers your question. (:
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simple: Do you like guys, girls or both?

One thing, if your a girl&think a female is attractive and desire doing sexual activity with them,you are not because a females body is a seductive thing, everyone is attracted to women, its kind of the same with guys.

However, if you've been involved in sexual activity with someone of the same sex and liked it&with the same sex then your bisexual.

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I'm bisexual and I'm sure I am I told none yet but if you like boys then you r!look at boy kissing if you get horny you r if not then no you r not bisexual lol!
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You obviously do take some intrest in women though, whilst having a maybe your just very curious
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If you see a couple and think "MAN THEY ARE HOT. I WOULD KISS BOTH OF EM" your biosexual....HOPE I COUlD HELP !!!!!
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Bi is a girl liking a girl and a boy liking a boy. You will know if a girl like you likes another girl or they tell you
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I think I'm bi as I'm having feelings for my mate oh well bi is where you like both men and women but you don't need to like them equally.

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