Am I Bisexual Or Bi-curious?


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Hi I'm a married women  and I'm  34 years now . I bisexual but was very bi-curious at first my husband only found it out 2 years ago .when I was about 17 I kissed a girl and I liked it .But then I left it alone but it was away there in the back of my mined until 2 years ago when I had to tell my husband about it hes very fine with it we have a great sex life and we love each other very much but we also have fun on the side with our friends . By the way there is nothing wrong with liking both cause I do . Do you have yahoo would love to have a good chat with you on there .  
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I know how you feel, for the longest time I wondered what it would be like to perform oral sex on a guy.  Then one day when my wife and I were in a MFM threesome with our friend I found out.  I was performing oral sex on my wife and she had our friend put his penis about a inch away from my face, when I looked up and saw it I put it into my mouth and at that moment a new world opened for me.  I couldn't believe how natural it felt to have his penis in my mouth.  I discovered that I loved perform oral sex on a guy and having him ejaculate in my mouth.  The only regret that I have is that I waited until I was about 46 to experience it.  I wish I had tried giving him oral much earlier in my life.

You're still Bi-curious, do yourself a favor and take the plunge.  If you are like me you will be happy you did.  If you are like my wife you will be happy that you tried it and now know that you are not BiSexual and you're Bi-curious anymore.

My wife and I have been married for over 30 years - been sharing spouses with our friends for over 25.

I hope this helps you.
Good Luck
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I am defiantly straight but my best friend is bisexual, so this is what she told me to tell you.
You might actually be bisexual and its ok if you are. Its just that if your friends can't except that then there not real friends. Bi-curious I don't think you are, if you can honestly see your self with a girl and you kissed 1 even though you know you still like boys then you r bisexual.
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I think your just bi curious.. You want to know what its like.. You should try it and see and if you don't like it then your straight.. If you are then you are.. Let people know.. Stand strong in your choice...
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I am sure your bi curious.

You might sometimes think about going out or liking the other gender.

You are most lightly to be straight

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