I feel that I am bisexual but I'm not completely sure....can somebody please give me some advice?


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Maybe youre bi-curious. Im not really sure what advice I can give you, because the only person who knows what your sexuality is, is you. The o ly thing I can suggest is just to ask yourself some honest questions. Are you attracted to women? Are you attracted to men? Are you more attracted to one than the other? Best of luck to you.

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Zach Cobb
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I have felt like I'm collapsing with in myself .... I have gone through so many changes within the last few years and I'm 18 and I have a girlfriend but I'm also attracted to some guys at my school... It just confuses me so much
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Don't worry about giving yourself a label.  Some people consider themselves straight and then meet someone amazing that happens to be the same sex.  If you are attracted in a romantic/sexual way to someone, it's best to just express that in a respectful way and see where it goes.

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