What tiny thing could you incorporate into your day or week ahead that will give you the sense of joy, presence and aliveness that comes with living purposefully?


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Yo Kass , Part-time positive thinker, answered

Wow! That's a really interesting question - and quite a tricky one to answer.

Personally, I guess there's two ways I'd go about seeking a sense of purpose and joy this week:

Create tasks to complete

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I'd started spending too much time wishing my day-to-day life was different, and probably not doing enough about it.

Rather than make one big sweeping change (something I'm always tempted to do), I've decided to create little "challenges" or tasks for myself to accomplish during the week.

The idea is that, if I manage to pass these little tests, not only will that give me a sense of achievement, but as a sum of all these minor changes, I'll have made a big difference to my life.

The specific challenges don't need to be really difficult or ground-breaking. They can be as simple as "spend more time with my daughter" or "learn how to add an image slider to the website I'm working on using jQuery" - but they're all the kind of things that, if I didn't commit to doing, could easily be put off or forgotten about.

Trying new things

Another rather broad piece of advice, I know, but this is something I'm really hoping to do more of.

I'm guilty of getting comfortable with routine far too easily - so I'm trying to force myself into doing things I wouldn't normally do.

For example, yesterday - rather than spending my free time online, watching football or having a few drinks, I went to a museum and an art exhibit.

Whilst that's certainly no act of revolution, just spending a few hours looking at weird art, taxidermy, and Ancient Egyptian relics was far more inspiring and positive than spending the time on Facebook or going to the pub.

If I can replicate this behaviour on a weekly basis, I think this will have an overall progressive and positive affect on my frame of mind.

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Hi Kass, really enjoyed your response. I completely agree with you that changes don't need to be ground breaking. I just wrote en ebook how to make radical changes in life and it's all centred around making small but consistent changes. Often we are overwhelmed by the magnitude of our own goals so the best thing to do is to just break it down. You know what't the key though? Make sure that whatever you do, you are enjoying it! :) It's not about what you should or need to do, it's about doing something that gives you energy and makes you want to come back. :)

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