What is or is there one thing you wanted all your life to have or be, that will never come to be/fulfilled and you must accept the "Harsh" reality? 
Serious Replies. Please No fantasies with celebrities or you want to be a millionaire or feed the world's kids.


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Taller....As serious as it gets. 

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Slim. Never gonna happen. Never has and never will. Thousands of dollars, trainers, diets, special foods, prayer, counseling, groups and hope😔. Finally had to tell myself. Enough and move on.

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I want my sanity back and I'm not even joking anymore. I wanted to be a good dad, but someone took that away from me. Who wants a crazy father anyway?

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Jann Nikka
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Jann Nikka
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Zack, I don't have an open wound. She nor he didn't hurt me. I'm was and am stronger than both. They missed out on a loving daughter.
You must come to terms with your grief (My son died, years ago) so I know grief and sadness. We can't hold on to what if's and what I shoulda done. You make peace with yourself, the other person in your mind, forgive them or not forgive yourself if needed and let it go.
My well-being depends only on me.
SuperFly Original
What is it that you think makes you "Crazy" Zack?
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The Z and Tiger's statements are mine too.

Would love it if i could be little taller then having thicker wrist and these kind of body shapes. But i never dwell on it! I accepted myself pretty soon and exercised how take the best out of myself.

I can't remember any other right now,

The biggest things that i want are ahead of me and i won't ever let them slip away. I will live my ideal life whatsoever.

There's another thing but i guess it'll be a fantasy but it's a real issue with me. I always want to help as many people as i can! It's a very harsh feeling when i fail. I feel disappointed of myself and blame myself. This is one of the reasons that i want to learn new things more and more, not to be king of knowledge and become selfish to see myself better than everyone but to help. The more i know , more situations i can cover. But i'm aware that i can't help everyone yet i can't help my feelings and my motivation to do so.

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I wanted to be an architect. Every time I made progress in achieving that goal I was hit with 2 or 3 more road blocks. In my early 40s I took the time to evaluate what it would take to get there. If it all went smoothly from that point, I would have been over 50 by the time I finished school and took all the tests I would need to be licensed. I would also be seriously in debt. I would be in the early stages of my  career as my husband would be preparing for retirement. I just decided it wasn't going to be worth it at that point. Looking back on it now, that was a wise choice. I would have been trying to get started right after the real estate market crashed.

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A functional childhood.

I'm never one to complain about things, I accept and move on. But the reality is this: I wouldn't be so but t hurt about my childhood if I didn't have to deal with the fall out from it every day of my life. Every single fight in my life was breaking the chains of dysfunction. Every single time I can't do something or am frustrated, I remember I was physically beaten in utero and consistently for the first 6 months of life. She says she would beat me until I'd stop crying. She says she hated me because my father loved me. She says she would hide my bruises. She says she would ignore me for hours and hours. Do I ever wonder what it would be like to be without these mental deficiencies? Do I wonder what it would be like to trust without fear? Do I wonder what it would be like not to wake up panicking because my body remembers being beat but my mind was too young to formulate the pain? Do I wonder what it would be like to have been loved by one of my parents? Do I wonder why I'm here? Do I wonder why loving others is foreign? Do I get tired of doing the right thing? Yes.

Something happened to me during all that. There was born a crazy will to live, not just live, but really LIVE. I live in the moment, I am mindful every day of everything I do. I am compelled to make my life and those of my children better. That was my revenge, to LIVE! To live with peace in my heart, to let go of the darkness that can consume me, to make peace with the unforgivable, to accept their irresponsibility and their immaturity and their mental illness.To see them as the flawed beings they were, and to believe finally that it wasn't my fault and I am indeed loveable. To accept a guarded relationship because she got better and feels bad for her mistakes. Above all I had to learn to love and not hate. Do you know how hard it is to not hate and be bitter? But I don't, because I AM BETTER THAN THAT! I did that in spite of it all. I am a survivor.

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Most of the things I wanted involved having certain qualities---good person, good father, good husband.

I apparently have been quite successful at at least two of those without much disagreement----my wife might say she's still hoping for continued improvement with the third.

Anything I still want seems at the moment to still be attainable--- within reason and within the parameteers of my age.

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I dreamed of having grandchildren one day, but that is not going to happen.  I borrow them from other people whenever I get the chance, and I've learned to be content.

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