I'm Bi, How Am I Supposed To Tell My Friends And Family?


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First of all, I'd like to make sure that you are aware that being bi, or gay, is not anywhere near as big a "taboo" in modern society as it has been in the past. Unless you live in bible-belt, homophobic America, you will probably find that it's not a huge deal for any of your friends or family.

What I would do in that situation is choose the friend or family member with whom you get along the most, someone that you trust, and try broaching the subject indirectly, maybe with reference to someone else who you both know who is gay/bi, or a celebrity who is gay/bi, and make your judgement on their reaction - tho, don't forget that sometimes people have defence mechanisms for anything they are unsure of, and might be negative about the idea when really they aren't - hence me suggesting you find someone you are close to, so that you can try and judge if their answer is genuine or not.

All of that said, however, please keep these things in mind...

- Is it nesc that you tell them? Are you actually in a same-sex relationship now? And, yeah I know, not giving full disclosure to the people around you *can* be a lie of omission, but look, it's your life... It's your business. You don't have to feel like you *have* to tell them.

- Most teens go through a period of being "bi-curious", and just because you've gone out to a nightclub or whatever and kissed someone the same sex as you, this doesn't nesc make you bi. It just means that you've got hormones going totally crazy, and your sub-concious is looking for a way to output that!

So what I'm saying is, take your time, think it through, and remember that your life is your life!

Hope this helps!
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It will be really hard to talk to them, I know, I'm bi too and I have talked with them. At first they didn't believe me, but I get the support from friends that I had, and other family too. If you know someone that is either bi, gay, or lesbian, it is always really good to talk it out with them, if you feel scared or threatened, just realize that you are who you are, and they should except that. Hiding it will only hurt you, because you wont be yourself.
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You have to just tell them. Be prepared for them to try to talk you out of it or be disappointed in you. If they love and respect you it will all work out. Make sure you let them know this is who you are and you have to be you. Good Luck!
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See  I felt very guilty not telling my friend because she stayed the night like all of the time and we tell each other everything and then I talked to my counselor at school about it and she told me that it was up to me so I told her the next day and I thought that she was going to hate me forever but she took it and said that it was fine I was so releaved then the next time she stayed the nite she kissed me and I was surprised and so releaved she was like well I am too but I haven't told my parents yet cause I'm scared
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I'm 13 years old and I think I'm bi too, I'm goin 2 tell my family when I'm older but I'm think of tellin my best friend but I would wait until you tell you parents just in case you change your mind, but do tell some one who you r to get it off your chest because its not good to bottle things up
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Look first you have to slide it in to see where every one is coming form then when you know who hearts beats on your side then you come out and say it but remember that you have to follow your heart and if no one is there with you then you can't love someone to make the next person feel better where will all of us be if we love someone to make the next person feel better who don't have nothing to do with the relationship
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Tell your best friends first. Maybe just slip it into a conversation. I'm not so sure about how to tell your friends, seeing as I haven't done it yet =p. But as for your parents, if they're not homophobic, you should be perfectly fine. If they are, well, that could be a little rough. Are they strict, God-fearing, Christains or conformists? If you are Christian, try bringing up the things about how God loves us all and he doesn't make mistakes, so you have to be okay. If you can convince them of that (which you shouldn't have to, they should already know), then you should actually be fine. If they're strictly against nonconformity (being your own person, not being just like someone else), then maybe show them how many other gays/lesbians/bisexuals there are in the world! You might be surprised. They could be fine about it, after all =D good luck!
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If your BI who do you like most.girls or boys?you either like one more than the other.it don't matter because it's going to maker your life
miserable.do you think a girl friend is going to let you have sex with
some boy?And do you think your boy lover is going to let you have
a girlfriend.
What are you going tell your parents?
Till you find out about your feelings I wouldn't say anything.
Be like the others,date girls but don't go all the way.

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