How Will I Know If I'm Gay?


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Thinking you are gay does not start with wanting to have sexual experience with a person of the same gender. It starts with a search of your heart and feelings. Look at your present and past feelings and experiences with persons of the same gender. Let those be your first guides.
Which gender has seemed to always to be your best friends?
Who have you had crushes on, that intense feeling of wanting to be near, with, by, the same gender person?
Have you noticed a same gender person who has tried to be closer in relationship, friendship, space, with you and it made you take notice and do something, even move away from the person ...who might have that 'gardar' knowing that your are gay just as that person already knows that being gay is ok.
Have you never had a date and don't want one with the opposite gender?
Have you been at any school or church or other place or activity and tried to always sit by a certain someone of the opposite gender because you have deep feelings and want to be close.
Have you told your personal feelings and 'secrets' and thoughts to a person of the same gender but never would to the opposite gender?
Have you found yourself 'day dreaming' about a particular or 'dreamed created' same gender person about closeness, kissing and more and in your imagination enjoyed it all, and even found your body having sexual responses during those thoughts?
Have you read and read just about everything on the Internet about being gay, homosexual?
Check into your heart and feelings and go with them.
On the Internet at some gay sites there is help for "questioning persons, especially teenagers, and the information and Answers by someone there will give you some guidance.
And there you will get some guidance about how to meet others just like you.
Some cities have a community center just for gays and Questioning. Some have book clubs and other meetings to attend. Adult age persons can go to a known gay bar for a coke or drink to learn and find pleasure just being there. Even non adults can sometimes go to the food section of a bar to have a meal legally...there you will meet waiters and waitresses who can give you guidance or locations in the town to go, go on Internet to seek meetings and locations in the nearest town that you can go to,
These and other questions and information can guide you WHETHER YOU MAY BE A GAY MAN OR MAY BE A LESBIAN. And even if you feel that your physical body does not match your true being that you know that you are.
If in fact you are gay, you will never be truly happy in any non-same-gender relationship because you will never feel that you are true to yourself and you will one day go to where you know that you are truly at home with yourself.

May you be blessed in your search to be WHO YOU TRULY ARE. KEEP QUESTIONING UNTIL YOU KNOW.

I've been there and am glad that one day I said "I want to be Me". I have had a wonderfully happy 8 year committed relationship. I've been blessed.
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Who cares if your gay or not... The way society is ..Its more common than the average person knows.... But do agree with user zuhail the longer you stay with it the harder it is to stop the behavior as far a mental.... YOU WILL STILL THINK ABOUT IT !!! Often
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Youll know if your gay if you think about a boy you like or if you start checking out sexy hot males.
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I don't know what's happen for me ? I am gay or not I belief evry time by love boys why? I don't know????? I wish som one tell me how can I to be wright wit all guys around me.
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None of you are making sence. If you are male and you like sex with males only your gay

if your female and you like sex with females only your a lesbian

if your male or female and you like sex with females and males your bisexual

if you havent ever had sex with at least both once you will never know and your lying to yourself

so go have sex and find out because just because you think they are cute or hot DOES NOT MEAN YOUR GAY!
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Ok gay or lesbian people shouldn't hide and shouldn't be treated any differently. We all are different and have mixed feelings for different genders. If you're gay it means your a man or boy and you like a man or boy that you are in a relationship. Ok not being friends more than friends. 

But people use gay as a common word nowadays and you shouldn't call people gay when they're not. I hate homosexual abuse because it is wrong and the Bible is wrong. God is wrong. 

Gay and lesbians are fine (no offence to anyone) but the iBble is set on Adam and Eve but you do what you want. Just make sure your happy. Gay can also mean happy but that was an old fashioned term. Personally I don't think I'll end up as a lesbian I'm more attracted to boys and men but I do prefer close friends with girls because you can talk about personal stuff. But I am not being mean to gays or les' I am totally fine with them :D

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You Would Be Attracted To Your Same Sex..  You Don't Ned To Ask People's Permission For This It's Just What Happens.
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Well, I'm a 13 years old boys, and if what best4writting said it's true I'm glad to know I'm know that I'm not bisexual. I like girls but I thought I liked boys because I saw their butts if they have big ones, I think it have just a trauma because I almost have no buttocks , I have a very very small buttocks and my sister that have a big ones make fun of me since I can remember, I think I was jellous (celoso).
I never thought of having sex with boys, kiss they or life with one like couple the idea freak me out, I think I just have a trauma, and that explains why I prefer the girls who have big butts.
And I have nothing again gays I have a friend that is gay.

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