How will you know if your husband is a gay?


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If he constantly turns down sex...then he might have gay tendencies. I don't know of any man that can turn down sex on a daily basis.  Only excuse would be "I'm tired"  but if thats the case then I have a solution....Oral sex!  If he turns down Oral sex then for sure he has some gay tendencies.
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There is no sure fire way to telll here but just by you asking this question, tells me that you suspect something isn't right here and if its your gut instinct, then its probably right on. Just don't let your imagination run wild here or trust too much what others tell you. Most wifes and GFs can tell when something isn't right and sooner or later the grapevine comes thru as men can't keep secrets for very long. You could hire a PI but that costs precious money and time with no guarantees of any results. You can confront him but like many men, he will lprobably deny everything and be on his best behavior for awhile. It will be the little things that will hang him here if true, so watch for little tell-tale signs like how he treats or acts around you and when hes around guys, who does he seem happier with; you or his single guy friends. Now be careful as some of the same signs could also signal hes having an extra marital affair with another woman too. So there is no real easy way to know here but calm your imagination and trust your gut instincts more here.
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If your husband starts to talk in a high pitched voice or if he flirts with other guys than he is most definitely gay.
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Maxine : Are you really a man, then??
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Maxine I think it is now pretty well common knowledge that 'Twilight' star Taylor Launter is gay.
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Maxine: You got me going there...
Sorry...; of course I meant to say TAYLOR LAUTNER !
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Well if he is fully gay and he is your husband, I think you would have a good idea by now. Dose he wear your knickers, I only ask that because there has been a few questions, about husbands wearing there wives knickers, just lately.
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Hilary is right though actually because cross dressers are not necessarily gay people. Like the fun though for oral exam training at school lol
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It will be there right next to Toni the transvestite.
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Most crossdressers are straight. Almost no gay men wear women's clothing. Have you even ever met a gay man or lived with any or had them as roommates, brothers and friends?
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You could just ask him. But if he is your husband then I'm assuming that he isn't gay because he's married to a woman. But these things are complicated and you can't always label people as gay or straight. Maybe he is in between. You two should have a serious talk if you are really doubting his sexuality.
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Well, with My husband, if he ever stopped bugging me for sex, then I'd have to wonder.
After 30 years, I can pretty well read him. Like a book.
But there are other ways to tell..
1. If he ever stopped going 'ooh ooh' over girls on T.V. That would be an indication.
2. If he were suddenly to take an interest in other men - more than just tools and stuff.. Or spending more time with 'men friends' than with me.. Then I'd start to wonder
But it takes more than just one sign to really know for sure
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Happier and more flirtatious around handsome straight men than he is around you and other women


The sexier, more masculine/aggressive-looking the straight men around him the happier and giddier he seems


More than 25 percent of his Facebook friends gay males


Avoids PIV sex with you and other women


Absolutely repulsed by performing oral sex on you or other women and outright refuses to do so, under any circumstances, ever


Skewed perception of women's bodies (e.g. Kate Upton = "fat" or "needs to lose some pounds")


A certain instinct radar going off in you that won't shut up or go away


He's gay

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