If A Guy Is Impotent Should He Be Force To Go Gay Because No Woman Will Want Him?


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A lot of that could have to do with diet or stress. I'd get a second opinion if you've already talked to a doctor. A lot of times the natural way of approaching things can have amazing results. Look up herbs or visit a naturopath for a different opinion. And also you are being a little hard on yourself for asking if you should go gay. That is a choice that's up to you. It's all about your perception of yourself. If you are constantly feeling bad about this fact, than you are likely to miss the right woman because you are overlooking your good qualities. Many women can't have children or already have kids and think that nobody wants to be with them, when the truth is.. There are plenty of fish in the see. Be optimistic!
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Being impotent is not the end of the world for a man....no, being gay would not solve anything!!?? If he can't get it up, he can't get it up for a guy either...Hello!

He should see a Urologist and get the facts on his options for treatment.
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Not needed until he's desperate for such kind of things!!
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Do you understand your own question? Impotency is an issue for gays as well as straights,If you can't rise to the occasion then you can't, gay or otherwise

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