Why do some girls turn gay if a guy that they were with hurt them in the past?


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According to science you are either born gay or you are not.  "Turning" gay is a choice.  It is a choice made in this case by a girl who is afraid to face being hurt again by someone she cares for.  The unfortunate truth is, she may be hurt by a girl as easily as by a boy.  There are no guarantees in life that any relationship will work out with a fairy tale ending.  We must be open to love and make every effort to be sure that our life partner choices are wise and the person we give our heart to is worthy of our commitment and our devotion.  The only time this possibility of being hurt is not a possibility at all,  is when we never allow ourselves to become involved with another person.  There simply are no guarantees that all will be a bed of roses.  Our hearts must become hard and closed to all involvements if we are to be sure we are never hurt.  That is a terrible way to live.  Choose wisely, think of all possibilities before making a decision and believe that you are truly worthy of being loved and treasured by your life partner.  You can not change a person, if he lies to one person, he is a liar.  Do not be surprised when you find he lies to you.  If he drinks to excess and likes to party with his buddies, don't be surprised when he places you second behind his good times.  Being hurt does not have to turn you off men.  It should only make you more strong and much wiser.  Saying all men are heartless beasts is simply wrong.  There are good men, loyal men, loving men, hard working men and men who would like to commit to a young lady who is looking for a forever relationship.  They are not on every corner but one thing to keep in mind....when looking for a rose among the thorns, you won't find it (him) in a garbage dump.  Where you find your love tells a lot about him..  Because a girl was hurt by a no good bum does not mean she will never have the type relationship with a man that her dreams  are made of.
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I believe these girls have low self confidence. Females should be raised with confidence and the sad thing here is that most parents are too busy with themselves to be bothered with the kids. So the kids suffer ...then the girl gets older and is dumped on by the guy and ALL remaining ......is what??? Girls so they find comfort with another girl in their peer group. Sha zam.....now we have Lesbians...but most are bisexual at this age and who really cares cause the WHOLE situation is screwed up.
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Well honestly myself I am not gay but I am bi. For a girl to tuen gay because of a boy hurting them in the past would probebly be because she couldnt handle how much hurt boys put her through.. Honestly girls are much more understanding and carefull with you :) hope that soooorta helped..
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Because they are too hurt
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I guess I would say that they don't want to get hurt again but I think that is not the solution for a girl to turn gay.
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Cause  they  got  self  esteem  issues that they think they can't get any man ,Its  all in their  head   some  girls  are  born  just  to  be Bi or Lesbians
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I am a guy I've been hurt by girls it caused low self esteem. But I ain't never turning gay I know I used a double neg..that was to drive the point home.

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