How Do You Know If Your Son Is Gay?


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IF he's gay, he'll tell you when he's ready. It's hard to tell your mother, but keep in mind that if he is gay, it was not his choice. He'd still be the same person and he'd still be your son, so please accept it and love him for who he is.
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Check his behaviour with other boys , try to find what is he attracted to , to girls or to boys.
This is a tough question. In any case would answer it the best way I can.

We would know that a person is gay by certain signs. These are listed below:

1. If he is not at all interested in girls, it could be a sign. However, there are many straight men who are not interested in girls at all. Just keep a close observation on his behaviour with girls this could give you some sort of a hint about his sexuality.

2. Check out his behaviour with other boys, if you find him talking only about his boyfriends with no mention of a girl, you may get some sort of a hint. However, again there are several boys who only talk of boyfriends and are not interested in girls at all.

3. See the way he dresses, if you find he is a bit feminine in his dressing then too it could be a sign.

4. Observe his style of talking and actions, if they are feminine, watch out.

You have to be very observant and check his behaviour pattern, you will surely get a hint on his sexuality if you observe closely.
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Well firstly, he may only have friends that are female and sometimes speech:the way he talks could sound like a girl would sound, if he has never had a girlfriend or talked about any girl in particular

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