What Is The Best Way To Move On From A Past Relationship?


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Get involed in other things! Look for a job in a different location or area from what you are used to.....You may associate a certain area or place with your ex, take that step to move places where you goto everyday....for me its a bit easier than most, as im in realestate and its easier for me to be able to bounce around to other hiring offices.....Start accepting those invitations from friends whether guy or girls to go out and have fun. You need to put yourself out there and have fun again to realize that life still does go on.....Im writing all these answers yet im trying hard to follow my own advice! Its definitely hard to move on from a past love...in my case....i still am trying to fully shut the doors on my ex-ex and my ex....Believe me baggage from an old relationship ruins the one your in. Example me.
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Ok this is a really hard step for anyone to make you have to be sure this is really what you want and you have to really be ready for some hard things to get over.. Ok get rid of anything that reminds you of him take his name out your vocab! Go out more with your friends DON'T Dwell on everything that is happening because that just makes everything worse. You have to do simple but hard things like change your number delete cute text from him get rid of the cute pics of you two. Start over!! Start pleasing yourself then worry about everyone around you!
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Find a nice box. Put into it all the pics, love notes, movie receipts, all that stuff. Put the box somewhere hidden from view. Later on you can decide to throw away or keep. Finish a project you've been putting off, or begin one. Involve yourself in things that require you to think, so your mind won't wander. Moving on is different for everyone, hopefully you'll find a way that suits you. Good luck.
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Get rid of anything that reminds you of him.  Well I was married so I changed my surname back to my maiden surname and I also relocated because I didn't want to take the change of running into him.  I made new friends.  The hardest part of it all is to forget about him but that will also happen eventually.

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