How Do You Get Over People?


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Meet someone else, life goes on!
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Well to be honest I don't suppose there is any particular over people it generally depends on individual thinking and will power. There are quite a few ways by which you can use to get over people.

To start of with try pursuing your hobbies, interest and things which you enjoy doing. Spend some quality time with your family and friends, try going to new places and do things that you have missed out on. It is generally not easy for some individuals to get over the past and they continue living life without forgetting the past, but by doing this you eventually end up in depression or loneliness, hence try getting back into the dating scene and try to meet new interesting people and give life a second chance.

It sound's really easy but generally getting over people is a difficult task, and maybe you can hide the pain and make others believe that you can move on, but eventually it's hard to deny the fact that the person who has hurt you, is still the one you wish for.
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There should be a period of mourning the loss of the past relationship, which is what you're going through.

If the time seems to be longer than normal then you should get involved in life again. Try volunteering at the local humane society, the literacy council, or something you have an interest in. You would be surprised how quickly you mend and begin to feel strong again if you get involved in helping others.

You can always think about that person but don't let yourself obsess over h/er. Move on with your life and show that person how strong you really are.
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Well first of all find someone else cause life goes on!!! Even though you might think that him/her was the only one out me there are a lot of better ppl out there!!! I've been thru a hard break up n it killed me inside=/  but it's been a year n I'm doing so much better! I'm currently in a serious relationship oh n it's hard to believe but I stayed friends with my ex even thought he did all that to me....
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If your out of sight, your out of mind.
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You write a letter of what you do not like about the people and read it out loud. Make sure to shred the paper so no one will find out.
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Just forget it...plain and simple. It's easy UNLESS you were really in love with that person. Me, I can just go to sleep, wake up and whoops...forgotten!! in the case of love....I use to tie a good drunk on and tell myself it was over and it would be.This has worked in ALL cases EXCEPT the one true love in my life. I cannot and will not get over it. It's not painful because I know he loves me. It's just that we lives 2100 miles apart and both have kids and a lot to lose if we would reunite at THIS time, but our day will come.
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Eat a large bowl of ice-cream and try not to think of them a lot if that doesnt work loose all contact with the person!!!!! X(

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