How Do You Get Over An Unfaithful Relationship?


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Karen answered
Forget it and chalk it up to the idiot who committed the crime. We cannot control people. We cannot be hard on ourselves because OTHERS are dicks. Just move on before you waste your time even more.
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Evelyn Vaz answered
Well to get over an unfaithful relationship will definitely take a whole lot of time, but you do need whole lot patience and you also need to gather a whole lot of courage.

An unfaithful relationship can be really hurting for the person on other side who has to go through all of the pain without even having done a slightest fault. The only best way to go out of it is to think of all the worst that actually took place in your relationship. Apart from that you can even be a good person by letting him/her live their life the way they want to. And in case he/she is currently seeing someone new then I believe just leave them to themselves rather than pushing them. You will be hurt for a while but it is best if you let go of it rather than hurting yourself more.
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Oh its a great task. Though love is not a matter of loving the perfect person perfectly but love imperfect person perfectly but when this has gone above the limit its better you quit it on time in order to avoid developing hypertension because there is a saying in Yorubaland part of Nigeria that say "If a man should dye because of a woman, many women will urinate on his grave"

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