What Does It Mean When I Don't Know How I Feel About My Boyfriend?


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I think that you have been with him long enough to know whether you are going to keep being compatible with him. But sometimes it takes people 5 years to realize that. You need to go with your heart and gut feelings. If you get the sensations of not wanting to be with him or that you don't feel you have the type of relationship you want or expect maybe you need to rethink things. It really means nothing to not know how you feel. But it also means ALOT! My first relationship took 5 years of figuring out what was right and not. My 2nd one (whom I am married to now) didn't take me but about 3 months of dating to realize that was how I wanted things to be. My husband and I have a great relationship!! Good luck w/this. I know that it is a hard thing to try and figure things out, especially if you are "younger"!
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You might just really like him not love him?
Maybe you need to think about is he really the one for you?
Could you see yourself with this guy forever?
write a list about the good things about him and how they make you feel
and the bad
weigh up the odds
talk to him
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It means you haven't fallen in love yet but that you care enough for him to still be with him.talk to him to see how he feels and where you two think your relationship is going
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Talk to him about what you feel...communication is very important in a relationship...ask your heart it will never lie to you..
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what if I'm bad at communication, I can never talk to anyone when I have something on my mind, I just don't seem to be able to talk - not only with my boyfriend but with anyone...

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