Why Does My Boyfriend Get Mad At Me So Easily?


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Wow, to the girl who told you to avoid doing things to make him mad: Never ever compromise yourself! You shouldn't have to walk on eggshells just to keep him happy. If you two are really meant to be together, he'll accept you for who you are, your bad and your good. If he's making you feel bad, try talking to him, and if that doesn't work, dump him!
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Well sometimes he is very controlling or somtimes hes mainly not happy with you and everything you do urks him.
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Kinda sounds like he has real issues with anger control here or it could be very well a drug problem which could explain his mood swings. Either way it appears that you are becoming a burden to him and cramping his life style so you need to make a major decision here as to whether youre better off staying with him or not. From the sounds of it, I would personally say youre better off cutting your losses and just moving on and find someone new who will treat you as the Princess you truly are and worship the ground you walk on instead of jumping down your throat everytime you say something. This is emotional abuse by the way. Move on and good luck
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Well, depends on if your relationship with him is strong and stable or not. Sometimes, your boyfriends only doing it just to see how much you are commited to him, or how will you act in these situations. Another cause might be he's jealous. Are you close to any guys lately? Because if you are, this can make him jealous and easily get pissed at you.However, if you think pessimistically, he might be acting annoyed, to make up a reason to break up with you. Being pissed at you might also mean he's not that into you anymore.But my advice is to think carefully before you do anything, making sure it wouldn't ruin the current relationship :) goodluck!
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My boyfriend gets mad at me too.. I don't know what to do, I love him so much. I'm in love.. Usually when we have sex we end up in a fight over something so stupid! Like today he got mad after sex because I used his razor.. Then he makes me feel like I'm a bad gf.. But most of the time we're happy and I try to deal with it, but I feel like I have to keep doing more and more to please him.. Please help.. What do I do to stop this? I want us to live a happy life together but I have no other options to help the fighting..
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My boyfriend gets mad at me all of the time, for the most retarded things. And I think I'm gunna have to go with what she Said, mines definately bipolar. Even when I tell him I think hes bipolar he gets pissed. But its so obvious, one minute hes flipping out for no reason the next hes singing taylor swift, lol, but anyways talk to him about it, ask him if anything you do or say bothers him, if he says no then try to stay away from the things you notice upset him, thats what I do atleast.
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He does not always understand where you are coming from. There is a lack of communication between you two and you need to work on that and things will improve.
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I can relate with your experience girl,my bf got mad at me in just a simple mistake and after a year I'm full enough the way he treats me until I broke up at him and when the time we broke up he asked an apologize and he told me that he treat me bad before because he don't have plan to have a serious relationships with me but when I left him he realized how important am I into his life and he can't afford to lose me and after that,we are happy now and he show me so much love and care
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Well sounds like he doesn't know what he's got or not! If he's happy
& mad at you in the relationship you've both chosen - break it off
if you can emotionally aford to be okay if he's okay with not having you
in his life again! If he does love you & wasn't using you for
sexual lonely ness, he will care with everything he's got!....

He will
worry about we're you are, who you might be with, if you even okay, if
your changing the things he loved about you, if you moved on! Etc....

he will go in peace ! With no huss. But don't ever take a boyfriend
back that isn't a complet mess! - this will mean he just super crazy
& control freak & not sorry for anything he thinks nothing of
respect for any woman.

Be smart here! Don't trust nothing but pure
emotions & clear actions.

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I totally get you, my boyfriend one second will be super happy and we will be in a conversation then 5 minutes later hes all k well I'm kinda mad bye? Like uuhh okay
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My boyfriend gets mad at me all the time for no reason and then five minutes later he's fine again.. I think he's just bipolar though to be honest but I love him so I put up with it

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