Why is he still with me? When me and my boyfriend get in fights I kind of get big headed and call him really bad names. All he does is say: "I love you and hope you're not mad at me later". He does it every time. Does he really love me?


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Well, it certainly sounds like he does because he's so ready to forgive and forget - but there could be a deeper level to it.

I have a "theory" about relationships: There's always one person that wants in more than the other. That's not to say you don't both love each other - but it's possible that one of you needs the other more.

Maybe he feels he needs you so much, that he doesn't dare confront you because he's afraid of losing you.

There are a number of reasons why he might feel this way: Insecurity, financial dependance, past experiences, physical appearance... I could go on and on.

But, if you're interested in maintaining a long and healthy relationship, you really need to be aiming to restore the balance every single day. Maybe the first step could be to learn how to deal with your anger in a  different way when you fight?

Finding someone that is willing to stick with you through the good and the bad is what love is all about. It sounds a lot like you've found someone that feels that way about you, don't go wasting it!

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I agree full and I would say if u do blive he loves you maby he really dose need you a whole lot more than you kn and if you love him then show it heasr something coll I hear of if you get mad at him instead of yelling get a note book write a letter telling all your fealings then rip tht page out and rip it up when tht happens imagine all you anger leaving you then for get and forgive wat ever happened

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