Does He Really Love Me Or Is He Using Me?


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Fred Jones answered
I must disagree with what illusionz jsut shouted in the comments section.

It does indeed appear that he is using you but that does not mean that he does not love you. You have been willing to support him through is breaks but you need to let him know that he needs to get better about his finances and support himself as you also need to take care of yourself and build a savings. He is dipping into your savings when you buy him things and he should be aware. Stand your ground and tell him you will no longer do this. Tell him that if he is going to continue, he will need to save while he is working so that he can support himself while he is not working.

As far as a conversation with his ex and where I disagree with illusions, why would he be speaking to his ex and if he is, why would he talk to her about you? This sounds more like the ex wants to get you mad so that maybe she can get him back. Either that or she knows how he is and is looking out for your well being trying to get you to let him go before he takes all you money. You should easily be able to figure this out by knowing his ex and knowing him. Figure this out first and then base you next course of action on this. You should know what to do at that point but make sure that you take care of yourself first as nobody else will, especially him.
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He may love you, and he may not, but only you know that. It is true that he is using you, and I think that you should break up with him as soon as possible. Hope that answers your question!!

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