I catch my husband noticing other girls and when I say something he denies it. Is this normal for men to do so, does he really not love me? Has anyone ever had to deal with this?


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Look, let me give you a guy's perspective on this: Guys will always notice women around them, it's the way we're programmed.

But it's also true that we have a choice whether to turn our heads and gawk or resist temptation. What does it come down to? A lot of things: Respect for women, fear of offending our partner, fear of losing our partner even... So it sounds like none of these are currently worrying your husband.

Does that mean he doesn't love you? No, not really. You can love someone but not be worried about upsetting them or losing them you see. It's called TAKING YOU FOR GRANTED.


Maybe you've been together a while and the spark has faded, maybe you're not showing him your fun side enough and he's getting a bit bored (sorry if this sounds harsh, it's just what i've observed in my own experience) maybe you're both not spending enough time together...

What can you do?

It really depends on your relationship to be honest. But I can tell you what NOT to do.

Don't try and please him by being what HE wants you to be. That kind of act will never last and it will make you feel uncomfortable or resent it. Instead, dig deep and bring out your fantasies. Who do you want to be? What fun things do you want to do? Bring out your fantasies (both in day to day life and in the bedroom) and hopefully you should both be happier and he will have less reason to be distracted.

If that doesn't work, then maybe it's time to consider that there's something up with him that you need to confront directly.

Don't know if any of this helps, again it's just my thoughts based on my experience.

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