Why Do I Feel Sad About Dating My Boyfriend?


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I would think that you feel sad because you did something that you aren't happy about with yourself. Now you really feel used, and he should never make you feel that way. You know you deserve better, but could it be that you are going back with him to punish yourself? I would think about that for a little while, and then I would raise my head, and tell the jerk to take a hike. Stay with your friends, it appears that they are telling you the truth, and they only want the best for you. Hope this helps, good luck.
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Though you think you love him, part of your mind still says that you don't deserve someone like him. Maybe you think you love him just because you haven't found yourself dating someone else (you don't know anyone you could say you love).

Try dating some other guys, and you decide whether it is still him that you love.
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well... ok. suit yourself. but be sure that you wouldn't regret anything.
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I used to love my boyfriend a lot but then he started treating me bad n to this day he still kinda does. I cheated on him with a person that was sweet caring n nice n now I regret it. Its an onn n off relationship for almost 3 years n my mentality is set that I don't want to b with him 4ever because I wouldnt want to carry the fact that I cheated on him in my conscious. I like him but I don't ..each time I'm with him I'm bored n I think I can get over him easily but wen we're not  going out I want him back n miss him...what do I do! Or what do I do to let go??
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Break with him

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