My boyfriend treats me like rubbish and I feel like I am walking on shells to please him. I know I should breakup with him but i cant bring myself to do it?


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Aries Lynn Profile
Aries Lynn answered
Just break up with him while you can before it gets worse. If youre scared to do it alone, take him somewhere where their is a crowd of people. Or just treat him the same way he treats you, and see how he likes it.
Nada k. Al- Fadhli Profile
Write him a note saying how you feel and that he changed during the past time. If that doesn't work just stand up for yourself and break up, this will make you feel confident.
Sarah Johnson Profile
Sarah Johnson answered
Find a friend that will walk with you through it. It's easier to walk away from men like that if you have someone else to lean on a little.
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Then don't and continue on feeling like crap forever or get some backbone and tell him where to go as you're not going to take it anymore as you deserve more respect than he's giving you so you're moving on and find a real guy instead of a little boy and do it.
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danielle ripley answered
You need to break up and move on because no one is worth it if this is how you feel. If you're walking on egg shells now it is only going to get worse the longer you're with him. I've been through it all myself.
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Well first of all get a best friend. They might give tips and if you still love him then just say how you are feeling and then he will PROBABLY understand but if you don't like him then just say it is over - simple :D

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