My boyfriend asked me to give him a bj, i dont want to ,i am fine with everything else just i dont want to go no were near it in that way,i get close but then my body feels like i really dont wanna do it , can someone help?


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Don't let him force you into anything. Something like that shouldn't be forced into doing so wait till the time is right and until you are ready for it tell him to stop forcing you because it's not going to work. He should understand that. Just tell him youre not ready and that you don't feel like doing it.
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kaycee baker
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Thanks that was really helpful
kaycee baker
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But i was fine with doing it intill i watched a video my mate sent me of someone ssucking off someone and chocking them, ever since i dont want to do it x
Vicky Ticha
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It's upto you only when you will do something like that, and I'm like that as well XD well good luck at telling him xx
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You bf is asking you to do something for HIM. This will only make HIM happy. HE wants you to give and HE is the only one that will get something out of this. HE is only thinking of HIMSELF and HE is not interested in you or what you want. HIS pressuring of you is giving big red flag signals of HIM only caring about what HE wants and no concern for you or your feelings. HE wants this for A) SELF pleasure  B) so HE can brag to his friends to make HIMSELF look good and C) HE can control you despite what you want. This is all about HIM and your refusal is you thinking about you. Someone has to. HE certainly is not. He does not accept your answer is your answer if HE cares about you or not...or just HIMSELF.
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If he really cares about you, hell understand and wont pressure you
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Get staight in there baby it;s just like riding a bike
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Tell him the truth , if he gets angry dump him . Thats not why you guys are dating .  ;)
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Don't do it!!! You don't want to do it and on top of that It's a very disgusting thing to do anyway!!! My opinion anyway

Your Boyfriends an ass if he keeps asking you once you said no... And is totally not worth it if he doesn't respect you decision.

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