My Boyfriend Wants To Marry Me But I Dont See Him In My Future! What Do I Do?


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If you don't see someone in your future..the simply question to ask is 'why'?
You can care for someone very deeply, and even wish to be with them too a degree. You are wise to consider the 'big picture'. You need to step outside of your feelings and consider everything. Is it your job you want more? Family? More dating? Or, simply just NOT ready for a serious long term relationship. You could be very bitter down the road if you stayed with this person, out of some sort of 'obligation'; having given up chances at various things.
Seek advice from people you can truly trust to be honest with you! These people should not be close friends..they tend to side with you and your plans/unless you have a friend who will be that honest with you. Guys tend to mature a lot later than girls do/ but, of course there are those who do develop faster. Depending on how long your relationship has might consider telling this person why. When our heart is involved with something it can lead us down a wrong track. Think this through carefully, don't let emotions rule in your decision. Use your head, talk to others, and make the decision. Then do it...don't delay. This is not an easy area to be in; but, you can make it through.
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Well at least you are honest with yourself.I think the reason you can't leave is because of your son.Maybe deep down you feel like you owe to him to stay with daddy.But ultimately you are hurting him cause you are teaching him that it is ok to be in a relationship that doesn't have any future.
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I am in the same situation. I look at it from the outside and it is a "no brainer", however...I love him. I have chosen to be firm and consistent in whee our relationship needs to be right now and told him that I want future success for both of us and that we can do this by utilizing a third party to work through what I see the issues are. I know what the outcome will be in the end but we will both be stronger through this process than if we were to just end it.
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If you don't see him in your
future don't hart yourself
and him you both need to
sit down and talk
people can have different
things from life and
still be together there
is something that not
there with you and you have
to figer that out but the longer you want
the harder it gets this is something you
have to deside for yourself
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Why are you telling this to a bunch of strangers on a website? Tell him what's going on and leave him free to find someone who wants the same things as him. Be gentle but firm, stand your ground because according to you it's for the best.
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It only going to get harder the longer you wait. And its not fair to him you being with him and not wanting to be. Can you see him with another girl and that wont hurt you?

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