Me And My Boyfriend Don't See Each Other As Much As We Want To And I Would Walk Forever To See Him, Am I Doing To Much?


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It really sounds to me like he just wants to get you in the sack. He sees that you want to be with him, and he is using that to "get some".

When you throw all your emotions out there for them to see, they are either receptive to this emotion, or they're stand-offish, and only let you see them once in a while, leaving you a mess of emotion.

Seen it before, they often times have a one night stand, and then ignore you afterward. That's using you, and what if you were to get pregnant? He doesn't sound too promising to me for you.

If he really wanted to be with you all the time, then he would be making every effort to be doing just that, finding a way all the time to be there. Hope this helps.
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ash heath answered
I disagree with the above reply. You don't have to see each other all the time for a relationship to work. It can be more enjoyable the next time you see each other if you leave it a while. You still need to have your own life.

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