I Love My Boyfriend So Much But We Are Far. I Am Really Scared Of Losing Him. I Want To Know How Can I Do Or Satisfy Him By Words Because We Always Talk And Chat?


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I don't think so you can satisfy any one whom you love a lot. There is always a sense of insecurity between them. At some stage or by passing time an understanding developed between you two that you are made for each other no one can separate you or create misunderstanding.

If you love him and he is also mad about you in the same way, then there is no need to be scared of. Please stop asking him that will he leave you, or is there any one between you and him. Build a trust in your relationship and believe me if that trust is as solid as your love then you don't have to worry at all.
It's good that you talk to him, so no need to worry. Distance on earth never made distance between your hearts but it will make your love more powerful and pure. Send him cards that you are missing him, make his days special by celebrating different occasion, like his birthday. Always morally support him although you are far away but be his strength not becomes his weakness.

If it's possible, go and meet him by giving a lovely surprise. By doing all this he may come to know that you love her so much. If then he is not satisfy then sorry to say he doesn't love you.
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Human nature is full of fears and harassments. People are always in the fear of loosing relationships and other things. It is but natural to get feared of losing relationships, money and other different things. I feel one should be strong enough to take care of his relations and other things.
So far your question is concerned that you love your boyfriend but you are in the fear of losing him because you live far from each other and you are not satisfied with your words through talk and chatting. Different suggestions can be given in this regard as follows:
1. First of all try to create self-confidence in yourself and think that you are the best in the world and you have no fears in life.
2. When you talk over phone and chat over computer, make your boyfriend realize that he is the best in the world and you really love him.
3. Try to give maximum importance to him, which he could not gain from any other girl.
I think if you go on acting like that, there is no reason that your boyfriend will look for some other girl and you lose him.
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Try talking to him about how you feel and ask him why he has become so distant my guess is something is bothering him. I know its hard to deal with things like this because I had to deal with the same thing concerning my boyfriend but all I could do was ask and he gave me a answer you should ask don't worry about losing him just yet worry about that when the time comes.
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I think you should just tell him how you feel n see what happens and if you don't like the way things go then you should not be together bc I think you should follow your feelings and your heart......
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Try to talk with him about interesting issues. If he doesn't show any interest, try to ask him why he has become so distant. If he doesn't care to answer you, try to let him notice that you are upset, and don't talk to him for about a week. Then he should ask you "What's up?" and so on. If he doesn't do so, he doesn't love you or care about you so he doesn't deserve to be your boyfriend and doesn't deserve to be loved.

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Love is nothing friends are everything.....boyfriend is just like a internet and friends are like a music....

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