How can I tell my Boyfriend that I have had a bad past, I really want him to know, but the last thing i want to do is scare him off?


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First you need to wait till you get to know him a little better. You don't say how long you have been together but if you were sure of how he felt, you would never have posted this question.
So first off, you need to wait a while, til you are sure of how he feels.
THEN and only then, can you sit down with him and be honest. If he really cares for you, he will stick around. Right now you don't know for sure how he feels.
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I feel the same way. :( I don't know what his reaction would be.
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Tora Minehane
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I finally just told him. We were having a really deep conversation a while ago and I started crying and I told him all about it turns out that he had a similar siuation :)
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Don't ask, don't tell!!  There is a time and place for everything so wait til he asks as even though its a good thing to come clean, none of us can change what has happened and many of us are far better off leaving that skeleton in the closest and not knowing everything at all. You can tell him but chances are if he can't handle it, he will be gone and if you havent asked about his, then let it die til a more comfortable time comes and then tell a little and leave out the explicit details definitely. Good luck
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If you want a better relationship with him be true to him. Tell him. If love was true he will understand you. But be prepare that he will not accept you for being who you are.
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Be honest... Don't go into the sordid details, but be honest.  MY ex should have been honest with me... We'd still be together right now.
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If he loves you, your past shouldnt matter to him. Being the case of even if he knows about it, if he loves you, he wont leave you. But this also agress to the answer provided by Belle.
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Just tell him if he loves you and all your past shuldent matter what you did and it shouldent scare him he prod wants to tell you too about his past! :) if you don't tell him the outcome can be even worse
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Tora Minehane
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I have trouble trusting people so i really am not sure..?
brandy macrae
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So do i but if you dont do it how will you ever know? If u love him than trust him has he done anything to hurt you ever??? Like cheat or anything?

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