Ok I Really Like This Guy. But He Lives Far Away In Another State And Ive Never Met Him. Just Been Iming And Talking To Him On The Phone. He Has A Girlfriend And I Really Want Him To Know How I Feel But Im Scared To Let Him Know. What Do I Do?


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How do you know if you truly like him? He might turn out to be ugly or anything other than what you thought about him. Talking on the phone and messaging him does not mean that he would be easy to talk to and how do you know for a fact that he has a girlfriend. For all you know he could be telling complete lies.
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Phone him and mabey set up to go for coffee if successful make sure he knows your not trying to have an affair or anything crazy like that (hopefully) but talk to him see were it goes tell him how you feel. I no its not easy to do in person but you could try

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