How do I tell my parents I want to move out and live on my own for 1 month?


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Just go up to them and tell them that you are so thankful with them , but you want to move out  and live by yourself, only to know if you are capable  to do a life by yourself and not depending by your parents.  Comment them and see what will happen.
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If u can make them understand your necessity of staying alone may be they can understand... U have to convince them that it is for something good and you wont be doing anything bad...
But i was just wondering that you can live independently even while staying with your far as studies are  concerned if can tell them about the disturbance i think they will understand...
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Say the necessary.. And one more thing, why do you wanna go out without parents? Won't you miss your parents? The Love..
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Lim Tze Yang
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I just want to try out living individually... Besides, my exam is near and I prefer studying alone without any disturbance...
Yamuna Purushothaman
You'd you find your parents as disturbance? No Lim.. They're here in the world just to help you in coming up of life..
Lim Tze Yang
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Thats not what I mean.....
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If you have this well thought out, then you just tell them .  I trust that you have somewhere else to stay, and means to sustain yourself for a month ?
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Lim Tze Yang
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Yes... I found a rental apartment. But I haven't start working yet so I'm gonna use my savings..
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If you planned out what is ahead of you, then tell them directly. If not, just stay with your family, it is hard to survive in the world around you without a social security net which is your family.

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