How Do I Tell My Mother In Law To Mind Her Own Business And Stay Out Of My Marriage?


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This is really a very sad old story.
But I tell you 1 thing.
First, take your husband in confidence then he will do everything you want.
Otherwise wait until she passes away
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I found that dealing with 'in-laws' is best done by the son or daughter of the said in-law.  My husband and I made a pact shortly after we got married that if my mother made a problem, I would be the one to talk to her, and likewise with his mother he would deal with it.  Parents will forgive their own children if they have a row, before they will forgive the newcomer to the family.  We found that this worked extremely well, we did have to resort to it a couple of times, and the strategy worked very well.

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If she is doing it in a good faith, try to accept her as she is. Not as she should be. However if you feel that she is taking control or something, then talk to him straightaway ans start making your own decisions.
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There is nothing better than a direct conversation with your mother in law. Speak your mind. Don't use hidden words and be honest. I'm sure you will like each other much better if you do this and all the problems may just disappear.
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Try to have a smooth conversation with your mother in law. If she start to do the same thing then tell your husband to come out of that home and live seperately.
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Talk to her, don't hold back it's the only way. Because if you don't let her know how you feel now exactly you don't know what she'll be able to do later.Talk to your husband and let him know how you feel. Both of you talk to her together it'll be easier for you.Good luck!!

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